How to Grout Ceramic Tile

Know what grout to use

There are many different types of grout. In this video for grouting a floor, we would use a sanded grout. For a smaller grout lines for walls, we would use a non-sanded or epoxy grout. But for now, I will only cover sanded and unsanded grouts.

A sanded grout is used for floor tiles while a non-sanded grout is used for wall tiles like in a bathroom with a tiled wall.

 How to mix grout

Mixing grout is very easy. Just add water and mix! However, use too much water and your mix will be too soft, not enough water and your mix will be too stiff. Either of these and your grout will not work well. What you’re looking for when mixing up your grout is a consistency very similar to peanut butter without the chunks.

 How much to mix

Only mix enough to be used in 15 – 20-minute increments. As you near the end of that batch, and you notice your grout is getting a little stiffer, you can always add a little water and remix it.

Applying the grout

This is the easy part! Yeah, it really is! You’ll want to have two five-gallon buckets on hand. One for your grout mix and the other filled with plain, clean water. You will also need two grouting sponges.

You could get away with one sponge, but since they only cost about $5, it’s just not worth having just the one. Just remember, push the grout in with the float, scrape off with the same float, and then remove and shape with the sponges. With two sponges, you’ll have four clean sides to work with and your job will go that much quicker and easier. With the clean water bucket, you would clean all the grout off your sponges. Don’t worry, all the grout will quickly sink to the bottom of the bucket, and your water will remain clean enough for the entire job. Apply and repeat until you’re all done.

What size grout lines to use

The size of the grout lines is, for the most part, up to you. However, very few people use a very big grout line anymore. A 3/16″ line is by far the most common. It’s really the only size I stock anymore in my work truck. But a good rule of thumb to use is the smaller the tile, the smaller the grout line. Even a large 13×13″ tile looks awesome with a 3/16″ gap. From there, you would go to either a 1/4″ to a 1/2″ gap. That may not sound like a big difference, but trust me, it is a world of a difference.

How to Grout ceramic tile

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How to Grout Ceramic Tile
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