How To Install Allure flooring

Allure flooring is resilient vinyl plank flooring made by Traffic Master.


Allure Flooring

Allure Flooring

Now here’s the deal. As a contractor, I install the floor in the video for a customer at the customer’s request. I found it to very easy to install and very durable. Now for the most part as a contractor we see the job when it’s completed and for the most part never again. Well not so for this job. The homeowner wanted more work done a year later. Well, of course, our job looked great. But even a year later it still looked new. And this was installed on a basement floor.


The flooring comes in 12″x36″ which makes it very easy to install and quick to say the least. Make sure the floor is clean and start your first row. Now the second row you will want to cut some off the first piece in the row. Cut about 12″ off. this way the ends don’t all lineup and look like crap. On the next row cut off like 18″ off. And then you can go back to a full board. Read the install recommendations that came with the flooring.

For the most part, there is no right or wrong way to place the joints (ends) you just don’t want them on top of each other or within 4″ of each other.

How to Install Allure Flooring

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How To Install Allure flooring
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