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That was tried already

I already tried that didn't work. Home depot kept saying its thermostat at first. Then said could b control box on furnace that could b bad since I removed the stats and heat still coming up
asked Feb 4, 2013 in Electrical by bgboo22
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Sure there is a reason they work at Home Depot and not in the field making more money. Never trust them, it's not worth it.
Yeah it can be lots of things. But start with the zone valves. Real simple real fast. Zone valves go bad all the time. Control box, not really.
answered Feb 4, 2013 by Dominick Amorosso
Good answer about home depot
No not at all. Watch my video on how ro remove air from the boiler and you'l see the zone valves.. These are valves that lets the water flow or not. So in other words. Heat on or heat off.