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easiest way to install a laminate wood floor over an existing uneven wood floor?

We recently bought a 90 year old house that has hardwood floors the problem being the original floor has more waves than the atlantic. We want to install a floating floor short of tearing out the original floor what can we do in order to install the new flooring so that it does look horid
asked Mar 3, 2013 in Flooring by William Wyatt
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There really is no easy way. I wont get into the hard and involved way of removing your existing floor and sister up each floor joist.
However what I always do is use floor leveling compound, filling in all the low spots. It's very easy to do. Just mix and fill.
I really should make a video on this.
answered Mar 3, 2013 by Dominick Amorosso
Thank you sistering up the joist was about the only thing i could come up with but in a room 12 by 16 ripping out the floor and sistering the joists would take to much time seeing as how the room is the only acess to the kitchen its also improbable Thanks again.

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