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Why does my home smell like Kerosene when the boiler goes on?

I have a boiler in the basement that makes my home smell like Kerosene when it is turned on.

Thank you so much for your kind help.

asked Oct 19, 2012 in Plumbing by darachie
edited Oct 20, 2012 by Dominick Amorosso
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2 Answers

Ok, first things first. I ned to know what you have. A furance blows hot air and a boiler makes hot water that you wuold have basenoard heaters. What do you have ?
answered Oct 19, 2012 by Dominick Amorosso
The first thing you'll need to have checked is the updraft of your stack. Your question is very broad and it could be so many things. That water in your boiler is very dirty, and that's fine. But if you have a leak on your boiler and that water hits somewhere on the boiler that is very hot the smell that comes off would be very bad as well and could even smell like kerosense. And that's just one of many reasons. You really should have this checked out ASAP.

Sorry I couldn't be more help to you, but it's nothing to play around with, Ok..


answered Oct 20, 2012 by Dominick Amorosso