Sink Pump Up

To install a sink in a basement is a very easy thing to do with the help of a pump. Here you’ll see the black box. This box has a pump in it, with a float switch. When the water level rises to a defined level, the pump will kick on and pump the waste out of the Pump Up to your house waste line.

Here you’ll see I wanted to keep the storage under the sink. So I located the pump under the stairs that was right next to the sink.

100_0300.JPGHere, you can see that I just drilled a clean hole straight through the kitchen cabinet, through the wall, and right into the pump.No wasted space at all.

As you can see below you’ll need to provide a normal 15 amp outlet. I wasn’t able to provide a picture on how I tapped into the house waste line, however, it was just a matter of installing a “T” in an existing line. You have to make sure your new line enters from the top. Otherwise, the house waste will enter the pump box. Sometimes a vent line is needed. That would be installed the same way as the pump out to the main waste line. However since we’re using a pump and it’s close to the main line it’s okay. You could just install a ventless cap over the vent instead of running another line.

So as you can see it’s very simple. The pump box you can buy from Home Depot or a plumbing supply house. From Home Depot, the pump box costs about $150.





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