wiring diagram for a stove plug

Wiring Diagram for a Stove Plug

Please keep in mind, this is for a 4 wire cord and outlet for a stove / oven.

This is very easy to do but yes it can seem very intimidating. You just came home with the new stove your wife has been looking forward to. You go and pull the old stove out and to your surprise you fine the stove was hard wired. First thing you need to do.

1) Don’t move the stove anymore. Old wires can break while the power is still on.

2) Now turn the power off at the breaker panel if you didn’t do so yet. Test and make sure you really did turn the right breaker off.

3) Now that the power is off remove the wire from the stove / oven.

4) OK, so now you want to start mounting your new 50 amp outlet to the wall. Make sure you will be mounting it low enough so that the stove / oven can be pushed up to the wall.

You will want to cut back the wire so you don’t have a ton of wire hanging out. Now it’s either you will be using a surface mount or a recessed box with a outlet. See the below pictures.


Surface mount 4 wire outlet4 wire outlet for a outlet box


A quick little guide. Red is line (110 volt) black is also line (110 volts) White is Neutral and green is ground. G Ground. L1 line. L2 line. White N

OK now that you got the outlet on it’s way you’ll need to install the power cord on that new stove. This picture by it self should tell you everything.


Stove four wire connections 4 wire stove plug

Remember the green wire, GROUND is the most important wire. Why because it protects your life.

Most newer stoves with ovens require a 50 amp service. So you will really need to make sure if your stove with oven requires 50 amp or not. And make you have a 50 amp wire and a 50 amp breaker. Now I’m not saying it wont work if you don’t but once you’re cooking that Thanksgiving turkey and all the good stuff on the stovetop with all your quest coming cover in a hour or so that’s when your the problems begin.

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10 Comments on "wiring diagram for a stove plug"

July 12, 2015

I just bought a new oven and comes with a red, black, white and green wires already connected to the oven. I need to connect the male plug but when looking at the old plug the white wire is not connected at all. Should I go the same leaving the white wire not connected at all?
I’m also replacing the over the counter stove and I think I will encounter the same problem.
The house was built in 1987.

Joe Ihlen
February 21, 2014

Dominick., I am replacing an electric Jenn-Aire cook top with a natural gas cook top,
I haven’t pulled the cover plate off the 220 volt receptacle yet to see if it is a 3 wire or a 4 wire circuit, Since the Jenn – Aire also had an exhaust fan, would there be a neutral (white) wire that would use half of the 220 volt system to power the 110 volt fan, while the entire 220 volt would power the heating coils,
The new gas cook top needs a 110 volt supply to power the igniters , can I use only the red, or the black wire , plus the white neutral wire for the 110 volts needed, and cap off the other “hot ” lead and replace the receptacle with a standard 15 amp plug receptacle, without changing anything in the panel box

david reed
November 5, 2013

i have a jenn-air and i was told that i could use a 3 wire for a 4 wire cooktop only no oven came on but doesnt get hot only wire that is not hook up is the red one would that make difference

Michael Newton
March 7, 2013

I have a 25 foot run, what size wire isrecomended on what size breaker?Will #6 wire work with a 40 amp breaker? I have ambitions of keeping this house for the next 20 years and would like to ensure that it is not going to be a issue in the future. I live in Alberta.
Thank you,

March 7, 2013

For the distance you are going #8 will be fine. Wit that you can go as long as max of 96 feet by US Code. #6 if longer then that.