Avoid Taking Off Wallpaper

Avoid Taking Off Wallpaper – How to Deal with It There

Wallpaper can be a great idea for any wall in the home. That is until you want to remove it and change things up. Unlike paint, it isn’t always easy to replace. If you try to take it down, you’ll need plenty of elbow grease and time on your hands to do so. There are some solutions, though, that allow you to use the wallpaper as it is, allowing you to avoid having to remove it. You can still have a great new look to the room, but you can skip the step of striping it.

Paint It

Painting wallpaper is nearly always an option as long as the material isn’t glossy. You’ll find that basic wall paints work well here. You may need to use a darker color to completely hide any prints on the wallpaper, though. You will also need to ensure all of the wallpaper is in good condition. Seal edges that may be coming loose before you tackle this project.

Design It

Another option is to treat it like any other large piece of paper and decorate it. If you have some drawing talent, you can easily transform the look of the room with stencil work and freehand drawing. You can also use paint to create various drawings. For example, if you have a green-based wallpaper in the kid’s room, adding wall appliqu├ęs with animals and adding in some trunks and branches can create a brand new look of the jungle. You’ll need to be very careful in these instances.

Painting over wallpaper is a great option. You can also cover it with another type of wallpaper or even use paneling to hide if you want. Instead, embrace it and make it a part of the design of your room just in a new way.


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