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Best air compressors for Home use

Several home use air compressors are available on the market today, but the most difficult thing is selecting the best. Therefore, we have made your work easier by preparing a list of the best home use air compressors. The list is as shown below:

  1. The BOSTITCH BTFP72665 1-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit

BOSTITCH is a premium price air compressor that is made of very quality material. It’s the perfect air compressor for the first timer. It has a maximum PSI of 150 with the six-gallon tank. Also, it has a 2.6 SCFM that gives 90 PSI. This BOSTITCH unit is designed mainly to offer a long running time and a small recovery time. It’s among the fastest home use air compressors on our the list that have a decibel of only 80dBA. For anyone looking for a powerful and quiet air compressor, it’s the best option. Its package comes with a quality brad nailer gun that enables one to work the project perfectly. It has an exhaust of 360 degrees with other features like the tool free depth adjustment.

It also has other features like the tool-free jam cleaning, on over molded no-mar pad and a trigger lock for safety reasons. It’s used to; base trim, crown molding, shoe molding, interior trim and also even cabinetry. The unit has a weight of 41 pounds sturdy and solid beast without any attachments other than just the brad nailer. It’s easy to use mostly when doing tough work as its controls are well placed. Though bit bulky, it’s still effortless to store.

  1. The Campbell Hausfeld 120 Volt Home Inflation System

Campbell Hausfeld is very portable, and it comes with an inbuilt carrying handle and is very cheap. The unit has a unique cooling fan that allows it to go through tough work and also increases its life. Unlike BOSTITCH, it has inflation features such as the Presta-to-Schrader adapter and a regular needle for users with Presta valves.

Campbell Hausfeld has a power cord of 10fts and a 3fts air hose. Though small, it’s still mighty and has a very long usage. It doesn’t lose a lot of air on the removal of the connector like other units. Campbell Hausfeld’s weakness is the inbuilt gauge that’s inaccurate, and one needs to make some manual adjustments. It’s straightforward to store it as its cord is wrapped around the base.

  1. The PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor

It’s portable with a maximum PSI of 135. Like other portable units, it’s designed to give long running sessions and a fast recovery time. The porter-cable unit has a 2.0 SCFM that works with a pump of 90 PSI. It is quite small with 3.5 gallons, but that is well factored in its weight of 26 pounds. PORTER-CABLE PCFPO2003 is the best middle ground between portability and function. It has an oil-free pump and thus can work for many years with minimal failure and little maintenance. It has a heavy duty motor with a rating of 120V that makes it start quickly in both cold and hot weather conditions. It has an easily identified inbuilt quick couple that offers access to the regulated air.It’s not a loud unit due to its good Decibel of 82dBA.The porter-cable unit has two gauges and can stop many trim finish nailers. Its main two problems are Production of noise above 82dBA when stressed, and also, it’s not steady on very smooth floors.

It’s not a loud unit due to its good Decibel of 82dBA.The porter-cable unit has two gauges and can stop many trim finish nailers. Its main two problems are Production of noise above 82dBA when stressed, and also, it’s not steady on very smooth floors.

  1. The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor

The unit is priced just below the mid-price and has a very small recovery time and has a suitable SCFM, of 2.0 at 90 PSI. It has rubber feet that enable it to stay stable on a smooth surface even when under dealing with heavy loads. PORTABLE-CABLE CMB15 can last for a very long time due to its maximum PSI of 150. Like other units, it’s an oil free mechanics that require very minimal maintenance throughout its life. It has a 120 V motor that allows it to work in all climatic conditions.

It weighs 20 pounds and works with less power. Its hose length is 25fts enabling it to work in all parts of the house without moving it frequently. CMB15 has a low sound level of 79dBA, and its weaknesses are well cared for in the warranty section. It doesn’t have extra attachments. Therefore, one has to purchase them, but it’s still a good buy for home use.

  1. VIAIR – 00093 – VIAIR 90P 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor Kit

The unit has a magnetic motor that’s permanent, and it works well at a PSI of 100 with a maximum PSI of 150 when drawing 14 amps. It weighs 5.3 pounds plus its carrying bag. Its main advantage is that it obtains power from the clamping leading to the battery. It has an open end pipe which works perfectly with the pressure gauge to give accurate readings. The VIAIR-00093 unit is a standardized oil-less making

with stainless valves, the piston ring, anodized alloy cylinder and a gearless directing drive motor that makes the system dust and moisture resistant.

Its primary features include; dual battery, thermal overloads protector, and the tire chuck that has an inbuilt bleeder valve. The unit a fully featured home use unit on our list though it’s manual is quite confusing. This unit has a quality mirror carrying bag. It’s the highly recommended air compressor. Its only disadvantage being; it doesn’t use traditional connection method. Thus it cannot just be plugged into a wall.

  1. The Primefit CM00301 125 PSI Home Workshop Air Compressors

This Primefit CM00301 is very portable and averagely priced. It’s designed with an innovative pump which at 125 PSI gives very high pressure. Though small, it still operates well with blow guns, brad nailers and other tools that have comparable size. It’s straightforward to store due to its light weight and size. The unit has 1 gallon tank that might seem small for other people, but it offers an output that’s more.

It has a one year warranty which covers the most crucial parts, and it weighs 11 pounds. It has cooling air hose that makes it the best home use air compressor on our the list. Its main problems being: it’s very loud with a very low refill tank speed.

  1. The Motor Trend (CPM-0610) 120V AC Home Air Compressor with Gauge

It’s a cheaper unit with three prolonged power plugs that have a UL 120V running motor. Motor Trend prefers an analog gauge for pressure determination. Its power cord is 6ft and is wound with a 26.7 air hose for fast lock connector. This unit has a raft, and ball adapters that fit it perfectly in storage thus no extra parts are needed. It has a weight of 6 pounds that makes it the best choice when less power is required.

It has a PSI of 72 and is designed to deal with heavy loads although it fails at times. The unit is very noisy with cheap and flimsy parts included in it due to its low price.

Selecting the best home use air compressor should not be a problem, just identify what you want and go for it. Always aim at a unit with a low refill time, the best warranty, and very portable.


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