Safely block a 240 Outlet


I have a stove Outlet 240 amps that is not in use but it is right next to an exterior wall under a exterior fan that has a tendency to leak water during severe rainstorms. Because the dryer and the stove Outlet are one breaker I cannot cut off the breaker and cannot afford to have electrician come in and disconnect the wiring. So my ? is: can I cover the outlet with a thick piece of cardboard and then strong duct tape to keep water out if it should leak again.

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  1. Thank I fully understand!

  2. I can’t really comment or even suggest a fix like that. Safty wise. I mean yeah you could, maybe. But seeing it is much better of course.

  3. Dominic you missed the part that stated I couldn’t hire an electrition (no $) cause I knew what to correctly to do. My ? was could I do the other solution until I could have it done?

  4. Turn the breaker off and disconnect the wire from one outlet to the one you want to remove the power to.

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