How to Restain Kitchen Cabinets

How to Restain Kitchen Cabinets

It’s time to do something about your kitchen cabinets. They may be grimy, worn, or just dull-looking. You want to do something to bring them back to life, but you don’t want to replace them. You could re-stain them. Kitchen cabinets that have stains on them require a few extra steps to ensure the process goes well, though.

Getting a Darker Tone

If you want to simply darken the tone of the stain that’s currently there, you can often get away with simply applying a tinting product to the existing finish. You’ll first need to use water and mild soap to remove grease and wax off the surface. You’ll then need to lightly sand off the very top layer. Remove all of the dust produced, too. Then, add a tinted polyurethane varnish to the top. You may need to try a few products to see which provides you with the best tone for your cabinetry.

Getting a Lighter Tone

On the other hand, you may want to remove some of the darkness from the cabinets with a lighter tone. To do this, you’ll first need to remove the clear coat finish on the surface. Do this by lighting sanding off the very top layer of material and removing the dust. You may need to use a stain stripper if the stain is older. Once you remove it, you’ll need to sand it evenly and then seal it properly. Add the lighter colored stain to the cabinets and then clear coat it to seal it. This is a bit more of a process, but it works well.

In all cases, you’ll find that re-staining is easier than repainting. You’ll have plenty of color options to select from and, as long as your cabinets are in good condition overall, you should have great-looking results in no time.


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