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Hi Dominick,

Kevin Soflin
I watched this video over 7 years ago before I knew anything about drywall finishing. I am now a professional contractor & drywall finisher. I still use this side swiping method to this day and still hear your voice in my head when I do the steps! HA! Thanks Dominick, I’ve done a lot of beautiful finishing all thanks to your method.

Dryer lint 1

I just watched your youtube video on a dryer that won’t dry properly. It was very helpful for a working mom. Hubby couldn’t help because he threw out his back.

I had been trying for the last 3 days to figure out why my clothes won’t dry.?? I had already already looked outside at the vent.. I unhooked the tubing and vacuumed it out. There was nothing. I took apart my dryer like you showed in your video. Wow !!!! I was amazed at how much lint was in the drum part of the dryer. So I vacuumed it out. I was able to fill a small white garbage bag.

My dryer now works perfectly. You saved me money by not having to call a repairman that would have easily charged me $100-$200 for that. Too bad I can’t send you a pic.

Just wanted to say thanks all the way from Montréal, Canada


Hi Dominick, I wanted to thank you for posting the video about how to install/replace a three-way dimmer switch. I had already replaced all my single pole switches I wanted to but had a light at the top of the stairs that had two switches, one upstairs and one downstairs. I purchased what I believe is the exact dimmer you installed in your video, a Lutron CL Dimmer, and was a bit confused by the wiring compared to the existing switch (and the instructions seemed a bit complicated). Your instructions were great, and even though some of my wires were different colors than yours I was thankful to learn from your video that the wire on the existing black screw went on the copper screw of the new dimmer. Incredibly helpful! Now my downstairs switch has the dimmer and upstairs is still the on/off switch. My wife loves it. I am going to bookmark your website. Thanks for your helpful information, it is very much appreciated. Best, Mike and Joy Stephens Franklin, TN

Project Savior

I just want to thank you for saving me so much money. I deployed in July 2011 and rented my mobile home out to young kids who destroyed my home. I am looking at your videos and see that you have very detailed instructions on your videos. I could not afford the repairs on my home but doing it myself will not only be fun but also cost effective. I was trying to figure out how I was going to afford this and get it all done before I head back to Afghanistan in 3 months and this is the answer. I just have two questions. My sheetrock has vinyl wallpaper and will need to replace two panels. What is the best way to prepare the vinyl wallpaper so that the paint doesn’t peel later? Secondly, I am removing the strips that cover the places where the sheetrock connects and in the corners, there is a small gap. I saw your video about using mud and tape for a smooth finish but how do I cover up the small gaps in each of the corners? Thank you so much for your feedback. Of all the DIY videos I have seen, I am confident of my ability to make these repairs on my own, even being a woman.

Angelynn Stemberg

you should have a show on DIY or HGTV.  They use a lot of actors that try to be regular people doing home projects.  You are a “regular” guy, but very informative and engaging. You’re personable and

Dominick, thank you for the amazing instructional videos! For the past year I have been building a master bedroom and master bathroom in my 100 year old home, total gut job, total makeover. Your videos are incredible and have taught me so much. I’m ready to tackle the shower pan in my custom shower this weekend. I feel well prepared from your video and feel 100% confident that I’ll be successful. thanks again!

It’s always my pleasure to help anyone in need of my help. I love making the videos, and I try to give you the most details in both my videos and in my articles.

Your videos help me at work. I had to change a breaker and since I had to patch a drywall hole last month that you helped me with on one of you vids, I scanned your uploads to find that you have a “How to change a circuit breaker” video. It’s been about 6 yrs since I did one as an apprentice and didn’t want to have to ask one of the guys how to do something I did before. And you did it just like my boss taught me. Very professional and stressing safety.
Breaker on the 23rd floor changed, no problem. Thanks for sharing your Expertise with us.

­ildingEngineerLocal39/San Fran/CA/USA

From Mike

Hi, Dominick

Thanks for the quick response.

I don’t know the first thing about welding so I would be interested in just about anything. Since you are doing the DIY thing, maybe the easiest type of welding (I think arc welding?) would work. Maybe something that the average joe like me could use for minor repairs – to get at least a feel for if we want to go further with the trade. Perhaps the welding that would take minor investment.

Hey , your videos are great. Your “On Air” personality is good. Makes you want to keep watching. And you explain things well. Casual yet informative. I just subscribed.

Thanks again,


Hey Dominic. I wanted to thank you for all the videos that you have uploaded. I’m in the process of watching most of them now. I always find a deep appreciation to those that are willing to show others how to do things. I have been working with wood and metal off and on for ten years, and many times had to pay through the nose for books or other sources of material to learn more. As I progressed through the years, I realized that you can’t buy experience, you have to EXPERIENCE it… But, it is refreshing to see different perspectives. I always pick up something new from peers. You just never know when someone will come along and show you that one angle that you had just never thought of before. So, I tip my hat to you, sir. It is much appreciated that you take the time to show novices and even semi-veterans such as myself a thing or two.

borkusgod – youtube user

Absolutely love your site and will likely be bouncing thousands of ideas
off you, ok hopefully not that many. Thanks for what you have answered so
far, your advice and videos are helping me build confidence to do some
things myself that I’ve never done.

I have a couple ideas for videos, and in the spirit of being selfish I will
admit they’d help me greatly!!

How about installing new vinyl replacement windows and maybe installing a
new entry door?

Just some ideas. Thanks again my friend!


Subject: Thanks for the help
Question: I just wanted to thank you for your advice and help with Laminate
flooring. Did mine this weekend and it turned out perfect. Looks so good
compared to the linoleum I pulled up.

Thanks again,

I wanted to thank you for your help. Strangely when I ran new wiring into the box and straight from there into the room I just finished gutting, what I ran tests as properly installed and grounded on my outlets. Perhaps it is because I don’t use the same hole on the return bar for the ground and return lines unlike the guy I paid… Or maybe it’s the ground wire on the new stuff is the same thickness as the hot and return–the old lines had really thin grounds.
I dug around the side of my house a bit and found an old flexible electric conduit running into the ground. I couldn’t verify that it was attached to a rod, but I’ll simply redo this with a grounding rod. While I was at it, thanks to the info you gave me about my breaker box, and one of your videos, I was able to start cleaning up the box by getting rid of circuits for the electric heating system that I removed a long time ago. I even managed to find and remove wiring for a live circuit whose only purpose was to supply power to two wires that were simply hanging loose (uncapped and powering nothing) in my basement–you had to see it to believe it…

Thanks again!

If you would like to send me some fan mail


Last week my wife and I searched youtube for videos about installing tile.
We found yours.
We were very nervous because this was our first time ever to do tile.
I want to write to say that your videos were very friendly and helpful and you delivered a sense of confidence to us that we needed.
To say thank you I wanted to send you some images of the final result.
I could not upload images at the askmediy site ot here at youtube so I decided to simply make a quick short video.
We installed tile onto or bathroom floor and also tile on the hall outside the bathroom.
The photos were taken with my cell phone.
I hope you like the results as much as we do.
OOOPs I did burn my finger tips with the grout though. I was not paying attention and using rubber gloves.
Please keep up the great work and the great attitude in your videos.
Your videos and website are very good. Here is the youtube link to the images:

sincerely Carlos and Anna
Buenos Aires Argentina

Your videos are great and dummy proof! I have been in the trades for 12 years now mostly as a finish carpenter but your video on how to change electrodes and nozzle were great I live pay to pay and I can’t thank you enough! If you could give any tips on air and fuel mixture or how to adjust it that would help to Thanks again, Jim

You my friend…ROCK!! I’m up here in Westport NY, trying to revamp this old house we bought. I was an arborist for 20 years, and had done some only minor home remodeling before this particular undertaking.

I’m ripping out old plaster and lath, insulating, updating and expanding electric, and hanging sheetrock ceilings and walls. I’ve watched a lot of vids on this kind of work, but yours are truly the best. Lots of dudes skip parts, or start projects half done already, but you go start to finish in terms a guy like me can grasp!! THANK YOU!!

I’m hanging the drywall ceilings and walls by myself with some T’s I made out of 2×4’s, and it’s a pain in the ass but goes OK. Since it was all plaster and lath, I have had to do some supplemental framing to hang the sheetrock as well, which I figure out as I go. One thing I was wondering if you could address is how to best deal with hanging drywall on framing that is not square. This house is built hardcore with beefy rough sawn lumber, but it’s well out of square. I’d love to see some tips on that!!

Everything has come out well so far, with much thanks to your guidance. I’ll keep an eye out and keep watching your vids. A big thank you from Westport on Lake Champlain!!

So glad you’re making these video’s Dom. Many of us grow up with a hard work ethic, but never learn or get the chance to use these kinds of tools growing up. Since I’ve purchased my own home, your video’s are invaluable to me. Love watching them. Thanks again.

Good for you

Hello Sir,I have been following you for years now. You have done great for yourself on youtube. I hope you are able to make your income off of this. I make my income from the web and its a great job. You have more views and subscribers than this old house and bob vila combined. Once again, good for you and good luck to you.


Message Body : Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all the knowledge you have provided me with. I work at a hardware store(don’t worry, not home depot, they suck) and even though they do provide us with training on all the products and what not,I have learned so much from your videos. Even as a homeowner I can really appreciate what you are doing. It’s easier to learn more when you see it right in front of you. I hope that it is ok that I will refer people I work with and sell to to your website. Sometimes just telling someone how to do something just doesn’t get across(wiring a 3 way switch…)I know many more people can benefit from your videos. Keep up the good work!!!!