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wiring diagram for a stove plug

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Please keep in mind, this is for a 4-wire cord and the outlet for a stove/oven.

This is very easy to do but yes it can seem very intimidating. You just came home with the new stove your wife has been looking forward to. You go and pull the old stove out and to your surprise, you find the stove was hard-wired. The first thing you need to do.

1) Don’t move the stove anymore. Old wires can break while the power is still on.

2) Now turn the power off at the breaker panel if you haven’t done so yet. Test and make sure you did turn the right breaker off.

3) Now that the power is off, remove the wire from the stove/oven.

4) OK, so now you want to start mounting your new 50 amp outlet to the wall. Make sure you will be mounting it low enough so that the stove/oven can be pushed up to the wall.

You will want to cut back the wire so you don’t have a ton of wire hanging out. Now you will be using a surface mount or a recessed box with an outlet. See the pictures below.

Surface mount 4 wire outletPin
4 wire outlet for a outlet box Pin

A quick little guide. The red line (120 volts)  and the black is also a line (120 volts) White is Neutral and green is ground. G Ground. L1 line. L2 line. White N

OK, now that you got the outlet on its way you’ll need to install the power cord on that new stove. This picture by itself should tell you everything.

How To Install a 30 amp Dryer Circuit With Breaker and Outlet
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.
4 wire stove plugPin

Remember the green wire, GROUND is the most important wire. Why because it protects your life.

Most newer stoves with ovens require a 50 amp service. So you will really need to make sure if your stove/oven requires 50 amp or not. And make you have a 50 amp wire and a 50 amp breaker. Now I’m not saying it won’t work if you don’t but once you’re cooking that Thanksgiving turkey and all the good stuff on the stovetop with all your quest coming cover in an hour or so that’s when the problems begin.

 Oven Wires

Oven connectionsPin
Connections to electric oven

3 wire stove receptacle

3 wire stove receptaclePin
3 wire stove receptacle

Comments ( 29 )

  1. I have a Sears. Dryer that is up forsale but someone told me the plug is for a stove or oven??? I know it was not modified in any way. It has 3 prongs but they are all slanted. I wish i could post a picture

  2. Hey Dom, I saw what Ted was talking about so this is slightly off subject but I recently came across 2 things that threw me off. I came across a standard drier that was 120v only?! And another drier that was natural gas and 120v?! Up until this every drier I’ve ever worked on were 220v 60a. Now I have ran across driers that were converted down to 120v…a couple of them were done nightmarishly so those I returned to proper 220v as they were damn dangerous. 1 I saw was in fact properly converted. So what are your thoughts on those 2 oddballs? Oh they were fairly old units.

    • Morning, I’ve never seen an electric dryer that was 120v Gas and 120v sure. But not all electric, wow. Must take forever to heat up. Any electric dryer I’ve ever installed or seen was 240v 30amp.

  3. I am installing a 4 wire oven(220). The wall box has 2 large black(maybe 6-8 gauge) wires and a bare ground. How do I wire from 4 to 3? Thanks

  4. We are trying to put in a new-to-us range. Our old one is a 3 prong, the new a 4 prong. I have a picture to show you. I have a black and red covered wires, then I have 16 copper wires. Without any sheathing. I’m very confused. Please help so we can start cooking dinner!

  5. My stove has a red/black/ground/blue and a white wire, how should I go about with that to a 3 prong outlet,

    • First thing you always want to keep in mind that electricity does not know colors. Ok, so the blue wire, who knows what that is. You can either look at the connections in the panel and see where they go or test each wire to see what they are.

      For a three-prong, you’ll need two hots and the neutral.

  6. I just had my newly purchased house remodeled. Included in that remodel was the kitchen and a new circuit box.
    No that the contractor is gone, I tried my stove for the first time. Smoke billowed below the panel and above the stove when I went to set the oven at 400 degrees!
    I can only assume that my stove is fried. I would, however, like to resolve the issue.
    After viewing a few videos, it is apparent that the outlet was incorrectly installed. The problem is that there is only one white and one black wire – no red. The previous homeowner apparently had no problem because during the showing, they were cooking a roast in the oven.
    Any guidance would be appreciated.
    I have a photo of the breaker panel and of the outlet, but there is no place for me to upload.

  7. I have a black wire, black and red wire and an aluminum wire. Do the 2 black go on the outside and the aluminum in the middle

  8. I want to use a electric welder and it use 240 amp how can I wire it so I can used it

  9. I am putting in a new stove and the instructions call out for a four prong plug. My old stove plug was a three prong plug and that is how the house is wired. Can I use the three prong plug with the new stove since the ground and neutral are tied together in the electrical box??

  10. Hi D my stove has 5 wires blue,brown,black and grey.hOW DO I connect it to a 3 wire supply?

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