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We have low pressure with our well. We have replaced the pressure switch and no change? The well is down about 160′ the pump is only 4 years old. Pressure tank is holding its pressure, Only thing left i guess id the actual well maybe going dry?

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  1. One last thing. Check the voltage at the pump. Meaning at the connections at the well. Just remove the cap (outside)

  2. The voltage measured 235

  3. Yes it could be. But the voltage at this point is important.

  4. Could it be the pump being that the pressure switch doesn’t shut off, due to the fact it continues to try to provide water to meet the pressure settings?

  5. I will check voltage . Should I drain the tank when I adjust the pressure switch?

  6. You know. Try this. You say you replaced the switch, right? Check the voltage. Let’s makes sure you have 220 volts. Being, of course, your pump is 220 and it should be.

  7. That’s a long time. Kinda thinking you have an issue with the pump now. I would really have someone look at it.

  8. The 5 gallon pail filled up in 2 minutes and 25 seconds

  9. I mean 16-20 is something, not a lot of course. Ok you should have a spigot. Check and see how the water flows from there. Try to see how long with a short hose, how long it takes to fill a five-gallon bucket up.

  10. The range on the gauge is between 16-20. The pressure level on the tank is 45.

  11. Yeah, somehow I don’t think it’s the pump. What is the gauge reading?

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