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How to Hire A Contractor

Hiring a contractor doesn’t have to be a painstaking event. Just follow my video to a T and you’ll be ok. Appearance Now we don’t always want to judge a book by it’s cover but in this case, you really ...

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Installing a Whole House Fan

A whole fan can cool your house off on those summer days in a matter of minutes. Now if it’s hotter outside of course you wouldn’t want that hot air in just yet. A whole house fan would be needed once ...

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Bloopers and out takes

Yes even I have been known to have more than one take on many of my videos. It’s just not as easy as one would think. Have a look. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my so called bloopers.

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Payment to a contractor

Ok, you found a contractor that you’re going to hire, good for you. Oops now he wants money, but for what, he didn’t do anything yet? As a contractor, I could be starting a big job, say on Monday, well ...

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Are You  Ready For Winter?

Here is a list of items that you should check.. If you have a boiler heater (hot water) check and make sure the temperature settings are right. The high side should be no higher than 190 degrees and the low should ...

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This is something I’m always asked. Do I need a permit? The simple answer is yes, always. You’re only a phone call away of really knowing. Just call your building department and ask. Be very truthful and you’ll get the ...

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