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How to Make the Roof Cleaner used in the Video

Cleaning A roof

A little background on how I started Roof Sparkle. A company that’s making cleaning products asked me if I could make a video for some of their cleaning products. Now I won’t go into details on who they are but they had a roof cleaner that involved the use of a power washer. A big red flag in my eyes. Being a contractor for years, I knew right off the bat that was a big no-no.

So the next question I asked myself what’s that black stuff on the roof. Well, it’s mold. And what kills mold, bleach right. Well, as true as that is bleach is only made up of 5-6% Sodium Hypocrite. And that’s great for your whites and around the house but not on your roof.

For the roof, you will need something a lot more powerful. Some of you may know it as pool shock. This is made up of 12% by weight “Sodium Hypochlorite”. But because it’s as thin as the water it will run right off the roof and not really have the time (five minutes) to do its job. So we have to thicken up a bit. The best way, add some liquid dish soap to the mix to help the SH stick to the roof for more than one second. You can go into any pool supply and ask for a gallon of shock, for about $4.00 per gallon. This is just a heavy-duty version of household bleach. And no Walmart does not sell this or the big box stores. This method will remove algae from a roof.

Video Thumbnail

How to remove those ugly black stains on a roof with Roof Sparkle

A little background on how I started Roof Sparkle. A company that's making cleaning products asked me if I could make a video for some of their cleaning products. Now I won't go into details on who they are but they had a roof cleaner that involved the use of a power washer. A big red flag in my eye

Now, of course, we buy it from the manufacturer and by the truckloads at a time.

Applying It

When we started we used a regular bug sprayer. Use a three gallon pump sprayer, use one gallon of SH and two gallons of water (H2O) add about 4 oz. of liquid dish soap and spray from the roof top working your way down.


  • clean your roof when it super hot out in the baking sun. It will kill the SH and dry before it’s clean.
  • Don’t touch the SH with bare hands. Wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Don’t spray your roof down first with water to cool it off.
Dirt Roof

Dirty Roof

Clean Roof

Clean Roof







Roof Cleaning Products The I Recommend

Comments ( 173 )

  1. It’s been a few years and I don’t have those links anymore. And it’s not a machine per say. It’s a series of hoses, pumps, tanks and a gas power air compressor to power the air pump. It’s a few bucks for sure. What do you plan on doing with it? Just a roof here and there? or do you plan on doing many?

    May 5, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Thank you Dominick, what i meant was can you send me a link so I can purchase the machine used in the video. Not trying to bother you sir, just amazed at the results. Here in MA there are so many homes that look like this!

  3. All air pumps. No metal at all. The SH will kill metal in one day.

    May 4, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    I have 2 honda cold water rigs with on board detergent tanks. What is the setup your using in this application? I’d to provide this service to my customers in MA. Thanks for the video, it was awesome!

  5. Always my pleasure.Thank you so much for your very long and nice post.

  6. Dear Admin,
    Firstly, thank you so much for still answering questions to this old thread. Very much appreciated. And I got a lot of info about protecting plants and other considerations as well.

    My question is regarding the same question posed by Garbonzo and some others regarding using household bleach ~6 – 8% SH instead of the pool shock which is 12.5%. I guess some pool bleaches also use Calcium hypochlorite instead of SH (= sodium hypochlorite = NaOCl), but we’re only concerned with SH.

    I see that you mention that it is by weight. So 12.5% w/v (weight/volume) pool shock will be the equivalent of 12.5 g NaOCl / 100 mL of water. So 12.5 g of SH was dissolved in water, and more water was added until the entire solution totaled 100 mL. Household bleach will be 6% = 6 g / 100mL of water. Then the rest fits what Garbonzo was saying, wouldn’t it?

    12.5 g NaOCl / 100 mL of water = 500 g / 4 L of water (assume 4 L ~ 1 gallon)
    Add 2 more gallons to dilute (~8 L), which gives 500 g / 12 L (3gallons),
    500g / 12,000 mL = 4.1667 g / 100 mL which is 4.1666% w/v (weight/volume)
    which is less than the 6% w/v of household bleach.

    Or, are you’re saying that it’s (w/w) weight / weight?
    12.5% w/w = 12.5 g SH / 100 g water. But 100 mL of water weighs exactly 100 g, so the rest is exactly the same.

    We could also look at density, but it gets kind of stupid. The density of 12.5% w/v SH solution in water is ~1.2 g/mL , so a little denser than water at 1.0 g/mL. The density of 6% SH is 1.1 g/mL. There might be varying amounts of NaOH, NaCl, etc, but it’s only a little bit of the product so let’s focus solely on SH. But not really much difference between 1.1 and 1.2.

    I read in some pool forums, where pool owners will use regular bleach because it’s cheaper for the same amount of Chlorine, but admit that it’s much bulkier and heavier and pain in the butt, so prefer the more concentrated formulation. Also, I guess Calcium hypochlorite or whatever pool product has some additive or something that releases the chlorine slower, so that it’s not all gone by the next day. I assume that for a pro like you who has to lug lot of liquid volume around, it would make more sense to carry a more concentrated form of chlorine, then just add water at the site.

    Of course, the simplest thing for me to do would be to just try it and see. If it shows visible improvement in ~10 minutes, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.
    Anyways, I also noted that you were using a 3 gallon sprayer when you first started. I was looking at chlorine safe sprayers (I guess because they use Viton gaskets). So thank you for all your info, and your valuable insight is giving me the courage to try it DIY style.

    Thank you,

  7. It’s very easy to misunderstand this. You are referring to is volume. But what I’m doing here and how it’s done in this world is by “Weight” not volume.

  8. Regarding the dilution factor (your recommended solution): “Use a three gallon pump sprayer, use one gallon of SH and two gallons of water (H2O) add about 4 oz. of liquid dish soap and spray from the roof top working your way down.”

    If you dilute the solution per the above, then the concentration of the SH will be reduced 3X, yielding a hypochlorite concentration of about 4%, which is less than regular bleach and it won’t be effective against roof moss. Am I missing something?

    What do you want the final solution SH concentration level to be?

  9. It really depends on how bad it is. You’ll soon find out once you start lol. Perhaps about 12 gallon mix. The steeper the roof the more soap you’ll want, like I said, it’s not for cleaning but rather to hold the SH there longer.

  10. I apologize that I hadn’t seen the actual mix stated in the big blue box – lol. That says to use one gallon of SH and two gallons of water (H2O) add about 4 oz. of liquid dish soap spraying from the roof top working down. In your reply you mention that “a cup is plenty on the above mix” which I’m assuming is the mix stated in the big blue box. So to 1 gallon of SH + 2 gallons of water, do I add 4 oz or 1 cup of liquid dish soap? Also, might you have any idea how much SH I would need for a U shaped ranch that is around 2,100 square feet?

  11. Just use a dish soap without any bleach in it. The soap is only to help aid the SH to stick on the roof a little longer, that’s all. A cup is plenty on the above mix

  12. You mention mixing the sodium hypocrite with some liquid dish soap to thicken it up a bit. Do you have a recommendation regarding what dish soap and are you referring to regular dishwashing liquid or dishwasher gel? Also, what is the mixture ratio of sodium hypocrite to dish soap?

  13. I finally found the SH 12.5, but I’m TERRIFIED to get on the roof! So I thought I would get a hose-end sprayer? Now I cannot figure the calculations to keep the mixture ratio correct? The biggest I could find was a 36 oz. any ideas on how to do this, or not possible?

  14. BTW stick with straight sodium hypochlorite and avoid the calcium formulations. They leave a white residue.

  15. My situation was complicated by having a slate roof I couldn’t walk on. I climbed a ladder to the eaves and used a $15 WalMart SuperSoaker filled with 10% pool shock and the algae was gone
    immediately. Yeah I know…it’s a bit hinky but if anyone can figure out a better way I’d love to hear it.

  16. This comment is edited.

    Thanks for the great info!

  17. Will spraying a solution of hydrogen peroxide/water,before or after, neutralize the affects of the sh/water for the plants and shrubs around the house?

    kind of wanting this to be foolproof with some customers, thx

  18. 2.2 gallons of normal 6% bleach mixed with 0.8 gallons of water will give you 42,000 ppm.
    That’s with the realization that 6.00% sodium hypochlorite is used, and this is equivalent to 5.80% available chlorine. Available chlorine is the amount of chlorine available for sterilization (or moss killing, in this case).

  19. I ran the calculation and it comes to 38,100 ppm both ways.

    But maybe you’re doing something different.

  20. You’re looking at this like you’re baking a cake. And that would be wrong. What you’re doing is making 42,000 parts per million.

  21. This comment is edited.

    Okay, I have a bit of Chemistry in my CV.

    You’re asking us to take a gallon of 12% concentrate Sodium Hypochlorite and mix it with 2 gallons of water. That results in a 4% concentrate sodium hypochlorite. And you have 3 gallons to work with.

    I know, I know, you keep saying it’s based on weight, but we are talking volume of fluid here, regardless. And this calculation is correct.

    Normal bleach is 6% sodium hypochlorite. Mixing 2 gallons with 1 gallon of water results in a concentration of 4%. Precisely the same as above, with 3 gallons to work with. This calculation is also correct.

    Sorry, but there is no getting around this. There is no need to do it your way. Your way is fine, and probably better for you as you’re dealing with smaller volumes of potentially dangerous liquid getting hauled all over town, but for those of us with a few gallons of bleach in the basement, that is good enough.

    The only reason to do it your way, for the homeowner, would be if the higher concentrate bleach was less than double the cost of normal bleach. Also there is the hassle of finding and going to a place that sold the higher concentration stuff instead of just picking it up at Costco or wherever people normal go for groceries (no extra trouble at all).

    Now then, if you were needing to use the bleach undiluted, or diluted to a strength higher than 6%, you’d be out of luck with normal bleach and have to do it your way. But that’s just not the case in this case.

    Also, on another topic, one of the posters below mentioned that the label on a liquid soap he was considering using said never to mix with bleach. NEVER try to second guess warnings like that. It means that whatever chemical is in that particular soap reacts with bleach and releases chlorine gas, very dangerous and potentially fatal (in a very nasty way).

  22. Yeah that’s only 10% and not good enough.

  23. For clarification, here’s what I found at lowes:

    (if you click to zoom in on the bottle’s picture, you’ll see at bottom left it lists “Sodium Hypochlorite” at 10%)

  24. No 10% wont work. Only SH will work. You’ll have to keep searching.

  25. Sorry, but I don’t think this was clearly asked before; I’m having trouble finding exactly 12 or 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (even in my local pool shop). However, I have found 10% options. Would that work?

  26. Yes and not very long. You don’t always have to.

  27. Do you rinse the roof after applying? if so how long after?

  28. Either your roof was really bad or your mix wasn’t mixed strong enough. Yes I would do it again.. As far as your deck, simply clean it with the roof cleaner.

  29. I used the 3 gal. Solution on my roof. 100%improvement. I still have “black areas” I just did it yesterday. Should I go back and respray those dark areas? Also, I mix d sprayer on my deck and now I have bleach spots. Is there a home remedy for cleaning my deck? It is free treated wood.


  30. No biggie really. As long as it’s a good rain and rinses it well you should be fine.

  31. What if you apply your mix to roof and get a surprise rain? What happens to plants with run off? Even if you soaked during or prior. Also, not having the gutters to bag to protect them. Here in Florida it happens a lot. Sometimes can rain in the back yard and not in the front yard.

  32. Awesome, glad I could help you out.

  33. I just did my roof today using pool chlorine 1 part and water 2 parts. Soaked the roof with pump sprayer and kept it wet with garden hose misting it. Im in FL and it is hot and sunny today. All the dark brown and black rinsed off in few minutes like you said. Quick and easy process.

    Yesterday I tried Krud Kutter I bought at Lowes – $25 for two gallons. That stuff stained my shingles brown and did not work at all. Your method fixed everything. Thank you for great advice.


  34. Yes you could use 50/50 of SH and water. 50 gallons I use a small size to 50 gallons. Dawn works the best.

  35. Hi there
    I am getting ready to do my shingle roof in florida and I want to know if I can use a 50/50 solution of liquid chlorine and water and then, add the dish soap. By the way, the tank I rented to mix it all up is 50 gallons. so how much dish soap should I use. any help would be great.


  36. Thank you so much. Is the pressure is there sure. However the SH will rust out the pump in no time. So make sure you clean it with water afterwards.

  37. Great videos and Q&A info…outstanding Dominick.

    Can we use a 5 gallon bucket & Wayne PC2 115-Volt 340 GPH Portable Transfer Water Pump, Bronze to send your mixed 3 gallon solution up onto the roof without having to climb up on the roof? I am not enthusiastic about climbing up on the roof.

  38. There is no option when it comes to SH and Oxygen bleach. SH is the only way. And no, I’ve tried everything. Either too dangerous or they just don’t work.
    Look for my video on how to prevent moss. You would use copper flashing.

  39. Dominick,

    Thanks for the great information on the moss removal. There is so much information available on the net I really appreciate your straight forward approach and advice. I am trying to decide between your method or using oxygen bleach cleaners with sodium percabonate & soda ash. Have you ever used these types of cleaners? Also what do you recommend for preventing moss from coming back?

  40. I just did my siding on the north side of my house, using Dawn liquid and a 4 litre sprayer. I have never seen my siding look so great since the day it was installed! Thanks so much. I’ve tried scrubbing some of the stains before with different products, to no avail. I can’t believe this was so easy. The only unintended consequence is that my wood deck underneath is now really clean where the runoff was, so I’m going to spray the whole thing. This works out really well, as I need to re-stain it anyway. I can’t wait to try this on the roof. I had a quote to get my shingles redone and it was going to be $4000, when really there’s nothing wrong with them other than black streaks. This is a much better way to go, and saves my wallet. Thanks again!

  41. Yes we use Dawn most of the time. But remember you’re not using the soap to clean. It’s only there to help hold the SH on the roof longer rather than being too thin and just running right off.

  42. Thanks for the great info, Dominick! I’m looking forward to trying this out. One question though – I have a bottle of Sunlight dish soap that says on the back ‘do not mix with chlorine bleach’, but my bottle of Dawn does not say that. The warning on the first has me worried though! What brand have you used? Have you ever used Dawn? I’d hate to have some I intended chemical reaction! Thanks.

  43. Yes to a extent, but you wouldn’t want it to dry on the roof. So rinsing it is always a better choice.

  44. great site Dominick! I live in central Canada where it is now 10C-15C during the daytime. It gets close to 0C at night.
    I plan on applying your solution to my roof this weekend. questions: Do I need to rinse it off, or just wait for mother nature to do her magic with rain? Will the strength of the SH just dissipate over time and not harm my grass if I leave it on the roof without rinsing? If I do have to rinse, how long do you leave the SH on before the rinse? Can I use cold water from the tap?
    I am a lady afraid of heights trying this myself, so the least amount of time on the roof the better!! Thanks.

  45. Any good thick one without bleach in it.

  46. Weight and volume are two very different things. If you mix it like I show you you’ll have 42k PPM..

  47. It really depends on how bad the roof is. If it’s really bad you could do 50/50 But no. The smallest I know is 1/3

  48. Hello Dominic first of all great site and thanks for all the help. Second I am having trouble finding a 3 gallon pump sprayer and if I do find one it is either bigger or expensive so I was going to get a 2 gallon one if that would work. Any idea how much shock and water and dish soap to use to get the mixture right. I got the 12.5 shock from pool place I have the The dish soap and water but I don’t know ratios go the 2 gallon pump sp5rsyer. I figured I would run it by you see what you thought or if you had another idea

  49. Hi, sorry for the delay. Your question came in as spam for whatever reason..

    The SH wont harm the deck but clean it very well. I’ve used it with a big mop before and it came out great. But then again, that was for me. The Poconos ?. Heck we’re not that far apart at all. I’m there almost every weekend.

  50. I don’t understand “weight not volume”… isn’t 1 gallon SH and 2 gallon H20 both volume measurements? How do we get 1 gallon of weight for SH and 2 gallons of weight for H20? Sorry I just want to make sure I get it right. Thanks!

  51. Caryn Elizabeth
    April 28, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    I have a composite deck at the base of my roof area I’ll be treating. The deck also has mold from it being on the north side. Will this solution be okay on the decking material? It’s like a trex deck but not that brand. Actually, forgot the name. duh! Can I try it on my front small wood deck to clean off the black from years of it sitting? Normally power washing would be done on it. I’m selling my home and the realtor gave me things to do to prepare it for a buyer. The poconos in PA is woodsey and while it’s beautiful, it’s also requires maintenance. Thanks Dom.

  52. What kind of dish soap is the best to use?
    Thank you.

  53. You have no idea LOL.. Thank you very much..

  54. Hey, Dominick Great Video and info.
    Just went through all your posts and reply’s.
    Amazing that some people cannot follow simple directions?
    You must have sore eyes and chest muscles since you have to roll them and sigh with frustration so many times.
    Thanks for the good work.

  55. I didn’t like the feedback from buyers on ebay so I didn’t post the link. 2 gallons of H20 to one gallon of sh.

  56. Hello Dominick. Did you get the link to e bay. if not you will find it on e bay under sodium Hypochlorite . I used to work in a carpet factory and we used to get industrial bleach for removing thick dye
    from printing screens when washing. This stuff would set fire to cloth in its undiluted state Powerfull How much water do you recommend per ltr for the 14% I bought Thanks for your help Raymond

  57. NO, like I say. It’s measured by weight not volume.

  58. Concerning the roof moss cleaner: when you add 2-gallons of water to the 1-gallon of 12% sodium hypoclorite isn’t it weaker than using 3-gallons of the 5 to 6% household bleach straight?
    Tom Milam

  59. I really can’t say about that product but it does seem to be the right stuff at 14% so yes you would have to dilute a little bit more than shown in this page.

  60. Raymond mcgee
    April 9, 2014 at 7:26 am

    Link Hidden
    Try this ,gives you some options .do I have to dilute the stuff I mentioned as its for moss on roof tiles R m . thanks.

  61. Dominick! Thank you for sharing your expertise! I will let you know how it works out for me!

  62. Sounds right to me. Can you send me the ebay link to it ?

  63. Raymond mcgee
    April 7, 2014 at 5:54 am

    Sodium Hypochlorite 14-15% w/w 10 Litre (2x5L) Can I use this stuff I seen on e bay and do I have to dilute it with water an in what amount Thanks R m scotland

  64. I really can’t answer that. Your dog eat some rat poison the same time you’re cleaning your roof and it’s my fault. Sorry. Just spray and rinse well. SH is a high power bleach. And bleach would kill if you swallow it, right.

  65. Will the SH solution be harmful to animals? If I leave the liquid on the roof and spray the moss off after it drys will it be safe for my dog in the yard?


  66. I bought 12.5% SH today after watching your video. I have a 2 gallon sprayer what would be a good mixture to use ? Also I don’t have a lot of moss on the roof. Thank you for the awesome video!

  67. It’s really the same mix. But I would remove the moss by hand first. All the mix is going to do is kill it and clean the roof.

  68. What mix I need to remove this moss on cedar roof ?

  69. Calcium comes in a dry form. SH does not. Calcium won’t do a thing as far as cleaning a roof. So yes you must use a SH.

  70. What is the major difference between using Sodium Hypochlorite vs. Calcium Hypochlorite… other than one is sodium and the other calcium, will they have the same effect?… and you did specify using liquid , not mix your own from dry right?

  71. Hi, yes over time it will flake off. However moss can be a real bitch. A little help with a broom would be a big help. Glad to hear you’re better now.

  72. Question about clearing 2 years of moss and “stuff” from the roof…love the video… was in the mode to clean the roof 2 years ago, long story short, had cancer removal and was off my feet for about 2 years… and well… the roof needs help. I am not physically fit enough to scrub the roof, however, I an probably spray the roof … Here in Oregon, letting the rain was away the residual won’t be an issue, the question I have, this kills the moss and “over time” if left unattended.. mother nature should just “was the surface clean” right? or do I have to get someone to get up there with a broom? thanks

  73. Brush the moss off, Then spray the roof with the cleaner then rinse after 30 minutes.

  74. My question is regarding using the “pool shock” treatment on a low pitch, tar, pea gravel roof. I can’t just brush the moss off so do I leave it on until it’s dead and rake it out? Will that damage anything? Do you have any suggestions?

  75. I would go with with a 50/50 mix. Just make sure you rinse very well. SH will kill everything in it’s path ie. plants and stuff like that. Yeah the setup my son uses is very cool. It uses air pumps with 300 feet of hose. Holds 200 gallons of SH and mixed per job right on site. And that whole system was made a designed by me. Took sometime to get it right.

  76. Hi Dominick, thanks for the quick reply.

    I should have said before that I was referring to your video of “How to remove moss from a roof” on YouTube instead of the one on this page.

    That shingle roof you cleaned in the video had a similar amount of moss as my concrete tile roof, like a carpet. In December I used a wire brush and scraped of the bulk of it so now want to spray to kill the rest off.

    Would you say a third SH to two thirds water would work for my 14% SH and a squirt of dish soap? Or 50/50 mix? As you say, best to have a stronger solution so it works.

    Also love your hose spray for the SH in that video, I’ve not been able to find anything similar in the UK to that.



  77. 14% very nice. Use it just the way I show. Maybe you could add a little water if you wanted to. But for the most part what I showed is for mold “black stains” So for the moss you would want something stronger anyway.

  78. Hi, I’m in the UK and need to spray the moss on my roof (covered with rough Marley concrete roof riles).

    I can only find SH in 14% (available chlorine) strength sold in 2.5 UK litre containers, so I’ve bought two.

    Could you give me some help on how much SH, water and liquid dish soap to use since this is a stronger solution to mix up, for say one US gallons worth of cleaner solution at a time?

    I don’t have a big capacity sprayer or containers, so will mix up smaller quantities about 2 or 4 UK litres as and when required. I’ll be able to convert to UK litres (using 1 US gallon = 3.78541 UK litres) but am unsure of the amounts since this is a higher strength.

    Your website, videos and advice are really helpful.

    Thanks in advance


  79. You need to read what I wrote again. It’s done by weight not volume. Not adding water is VERY DANGEROUS

  80. Hi – no water. If we dilute, can’t I buy just cheapo 8.25% bleach?

  81. how much water did you add ? A 1/2 cup is a little much.

  82. Thanks for the pic you sent of the ladder, I am going to try that.

    I bought a bug sprayer and a gallon of Shock Chlorinating Liquid for Pools (10% Sodium Hypochlorite).

    I mixed about half a gallon of undiluted Shock and a half cup of Liquid Tide Free and Clear into the bug sprayer and sprayed a small patch.

    Within a few minutes the solution turned very warm to somewhat hot. I am not sure what thermal reaction is going on, but the bottle is sitting outside now.

  83. Same thing for the others as well.

  84. Thanks, I just sent you 4 pics.

  85. You have a very steep roof no doubt about it. But it’s also a single story. What you would do is get a long extension ladder and lay it right on the roof and spray it with a bug sprayer.

  86. on the bottom of this page you’ll see “contact Dominick” Use that.

  87. Can I send you via email? Don’t want to post my house on a public forum.

  88. That seems way too high of a price. And no, without spending big bucks on air pumps and special equipment. Send me a picture of your house and I’ll tell you what it should cost.

  89. I’ve received three quotes, and the price each is $1200-1300 which is out of my budge. My roof is a 10:12 pitch, and somewhat steep. I am trying to figure out a way to spray it myself, without too much mist and overspray, while standing on a ladder. I noticed Northern Tool has “tree sprayers” that shoot 2.2GPM or 5.5GPM out at 60psi.

    Do you have a solution where I can do this myself from the ground without walking the roof/

  90. So glad I found this. I’m purchasing a home and thought the roof was in need of replacement. The roof has that ugly black stain but only on the North side as you said. The other side looks brand new. I’ll be using these techniques right after moving in!

  91. I would give you all the info you need to know to start your own roof cleaning business.

  92. I am want to start a buisness in roof washing concrete and vinyl sideing. I saw your reply about 500$ for your help. I am very interested in what info u would give me?

  93. Anything close to freezing is not good for the SH

  94. At what temperature does the mixture start degrading? I live in New Hampshire and have about 1/3 of my roof in moss, thanks to some Maples. I’d like to clear the moss as soon as possible to save money on my insurance, but am concerned about the temperature.

  95. If it’s wet you’ll just need a little stronger mix. But dry is better.

  96. I”m in Oregon. Can SH be applied when it wet outside? Or must the moss be dry?

  97. Yes, but for tiled roofs you may need to add more SH / pool shock

  98. Can I use this mixture on my tile roof?

  99. Thank you. It really depends on how dirty your roof is. The SH will die once the heat gets to it. So no worry there. With the first app if the roof is clean, leave it. Gives better protect if you leave it on.

  100. When is it advisable to rinse vs no rinse, or is it safe to never rise. Doesn’t the dry material left on roof have a chance to leach heavy amounts of product in a rainstorm to down spouts after the initial appl, and plant lawn heavy rinsing has been done. Also could you repeat a few appls during the day for stains etc with no ill effect. Thanks for your input and bty GREAT SITE

  101. How old is the question or how old is the roof? The roof is at least 18 years old. The question is current. We will not be able to work on the roof until settlment that is in early December this year 2013.

  102. It will, but how old is the question. The cold does degrade the SH.

  103. Will this work in the cold weather? My husband and I are going to settlement on a summer home in northern PA in December and we can’t get homeowners with all the moss on the roof. We have to agree to get rid of it ASAP after settlement. We plan on a new roof in spring anyway.

  104. Yes very much so. You really need it stronger. I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen that before. It really does make that much of a difference. Without seeing your roof it’s a little hard for me to say. And thank you very much. I do work my butt off on this site. Like right now at 5:55am lol…

  105. We tried the solution on our roof which is pretty old 20+ and did not see a big difference. Could be the roof is permanently discolored. I was also wondering if the solution it self might be the says 10.5% instead of the 12% you recommend. Would the 10.5% be the problem? That’s what our local pool supply had. BTW your website is amazing can’t thank you enough.

  106. Try a third of SH and the rest water.. or for a stronger mix use 50/50

  107. I have a 1 Gallon bug Sprayer. I don’t have a 3 Gallon one. If i mix 1 gallon of liquid pool shock with two gallons of water inside a 5 gallon bucket. Can i pour 1 gallon at a time into my bug sprayer.. Will i mess up the ratio? Thanx for the help

  108. It’s all going to depend on the sprayer, how much is that sprayer pushing out. And how bad is your roof. for the most part you’ll get about 900 sq ft for three gallons.

  109. I have the same question as Dean how much of a square foot area will the 3 gallon mixture cover, assuming I’m using the hand spray and not a hose. Thanks, so glad to have found this solution.

  110. Using hot water will kill the SH. Use the water out of your faucet. Rinse the moss off.

  111. Hi Dominick,

    We are going to try a bleach and water solution on our roof to get rid of the moss. Any advice you can offer would be appreciated! Should we rinse the roof off with water after the bleach has been sprayed on? How long should we let the bleach solution sit there? Thanks!

  112. GREAT videos!

  113. It must be a liquid pool shock (SH) there is no there choice. Anything else will be extremely dangerous to use.

  114. Hi I couldn’t find the liquid form of Shock so I got the crystals form in small bags. It is called Dazzle and it is for shocking pools. Is this useable and what are the ratios for this stuff?

  115. No not really. Unless it was super dirty. Just make sure you rinse the plants very good. And yes very true about the salt. But with a kick LOL..

  116. I know it was asked but if im using sh do I need to rinse the roof? I don’t want any plants or landscaping to die when it rains and all the dired sh runs off the roof. Dried bleach is still salt and salt kills plants and grass I think. Thank you for your input on this. George

  117. Just want to say…you are awesome! We are about to purchase a 1920 home and I have been watching all your videos for DIY….the best out there! Thanks a bunch for doing this! Cleaning my roof will be one of the first things I do!! (then finishing the rewiring of old knob and tube the previous owner started…yikes!)

  118. That would be Ok. However just be careful with getting in your eyes without water nearby to clean yourself.

  119. Careful what you mix with bleach. I’ve seen some siding change to a orange color before. But 99% of the time it works really good.

  120. Fiberglass shingles is what we’re cleaning in the video. And yes you can clean the moldy brick.

  121. Can this be used on Fiberglass roof shingles? or a molded brick patio?

  122. Hey thanks for the information. How about Vinyl siding? Will it harm or discolor it? I was told that 10 oz. of Alcohol, Murphy’s Oil Soap and a gal of bleach does the job but I don’t know the ratios.

  123. Could the roof cleaner be use for molded and stained concrete driveways?

  124. Now everything is dead. Give it time to dry up and fall off.

  125. Yes I could. However not for free and would be done via email / phone and pictures of how to setup a trailer or van. $500. and make it back in just one roof job.

  126. Harold Moorefield
    August 25, 2013 at 12:43 am

    Could you tell me how I could go about starting a business doing this? Like how much to charge and what type of setup you are using in the video?

  127. We tried this technique over the weekend. I was amazed at how quickly the moss died. I left it on for a day. I used a brush to loosen some of it up. After I rinsed the moss off, there is still a fine light green ‘moss fuzz’ on the roof. Not sure if I should try and scrub it off? I don’t want to strip the rocks off the shingles and cause the roof to leak. Suggestions?

  128. Hi,
    I have a camp in a very remote area of Maine. It is covered with moss. I am curious, should I simply use your suggested solution (Pool Shock with Water and dish soap-surfactant) and then brush? I don’t have a hose and spigot handy, so I cannot rinse off the solution after spraying it on with a pump sprayer. Any other suggestions would be great. Oh yea, and I’m going to use the copper flashing for future moss elimination.

  129. No not at all. Use the copper afterwards to help prevent future growth

  130. Yes but you will need to help it off.

  131. You would not use this in a power washer.

  132. Patrick Fearick
    July 27, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    Hi, could you tell me what mixture you use for power washing vinyl siding? Thanks

  133. this will get rid of moss on the roof also?

  134. For roofs that have a heavy buildup of roof moss, can you add some copper sulfate to the mix (aprox. 1/8 cup)to kill the roots of the moss so you would not have to scrub the roof but simply rinse with a hose.
    Thank You

  135. How large of an area will a 3gal batch of cleaner cover?

  136. Will this work on siding as well? I have some green algae growing on my siding near the ac unit. Can i use the same spray, wait, and rinse method?

  137. Thank you for the video! My fear is that the roof will stain. I am more concerned about the shingles than the grass.

  138. Hello, Just wanted to let you know the roof cleaning solution worked great.
    Two roof cleaning companies wanted to charge between $700-$800. Your method cost us a total $6.24 Thanks

  139. NO, the SH will kill plants, grass and anything in it’s way. Rinsing good is very important. We wet down all the plants, clean the roof and rinse the plant and grass again.

  140. You can. For the most part we don’t. However if your roof comes clean in under five minutes then it’s to strong. So then yes you would rinse it. Five minutes is a good number to go by and then you don’t need to rinse it.

  141. There is no brand name. It’s SH aprox 12 % Just follow how I show you.

  142. You must only use liquid. For free I’m only showing here how to mix three gallons at a time.

  143. Yeah sure. It’s all about the mold on the roof you’re cleaning. However on cedar you MUST really rinse it good.

  144. Hello, I was just wondering if this solution would work on any other type of roof, like clay tiles or cedar shakes and stone slate roofs. Thanks

  145. Is the SH formula the same one you used to remove moss as well?

  146. Tilmon Duguay
    May 21, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    hi dominick if we buy the sodium hypoclorite liquid do we have to mix that with water ….what i exactly need for 10 gallons of water if i use liquid sodium hypochlorite

  147. Tilmon Duguay
    May 21, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    hi can you email me the name of the liquid pool shock brand name please and a bottle of that is already mix with water. do i have to add more water ….and i want to know for 10 gallons of water i will have to put 5 gallons of liquid shock for pool and thats gonna work to clean the black mold and the algae on a roof

  148. Do you rinse the solution off and how long do you wait?

  149. My question is when you rinse off the roof, Does the gutter runoff from the shock hurt the lawn (I’m guessing it doesn’t as long as it isn’t 95 degrees out)?

    Appreciate you explaining this process to fix a problem many of us have! Thanks, George

  150. Sure you can. But don’t use any with bleach in it.

  151. Was curious to know if using dishwasher dish soap would be better so you don’t have so many suds?

  152. Absolutely not. Safe on all asphalt roofs. It’s actually the only approved method by the roofing manufactures of America

  153. Any danger of this mix discoloring a dark shingled roof?

  154. One would think so. However this is a very common mistake. You are thinking outside the box. It’s very important that you mix it the way I stated. This is by weight. not by volume like baking a cake.

  155. This might be a silly question, but if you are diluting the 1 gallon of pool shock that is 12% SH with 2 gallons of water, doesn’t that reduce the % of SH to 3%? Which is less than bleach that is 5-6% SH?

  156. Go to a pool store and buy liquid pool shock.

  157. I am having trouble locating the 12% sodium hypochlorite. Is there a site online I can order it from? Keep find calcium hypochlorite anywhere from 48 to 90%. Thanks.

  158. Over time that would or could work. But you could be adding to much water to the mix at that point. However the SH would end up eating your power washer. The best wat is to stand on the gutters edge for a pump up system. Something like what Roof Sparkle uses. Unfortunately that info I can not give out just yet. And needless to say it’s not cheap. And the over spray you would get from a power washer would be way to intense.

  159. I have a very steep and dangerous multi roofed home in the Puget sound area. Walking on most of my roof is impossible because there no anchors. Your moss killer sounds like what I need as I am starting to get a carpet on the north and west sides. I have a pressure washer that has a small tank on it that could deliver the stuff onto the roof. I just wanted your opinion on putting it on that way. will that work with the really wide attachment. Thank you for your help. Leroy

  160. When we go out to clean a roof there is always two guys on a job. One is the guy on the roof spraying / cleaning the roof and the other ones job is to spray everything and anything that could get over sprayed with the roof cleaner.

    So, you would wet down all plants and then rinse them again once you’re done cleaning the roof. We clean roofs all day long. But once in a while it just gets way to hot. At that point you really can’t walk on the roof anyway without damaging it because it’s way to soft. Hope this helps… Dominick

  161. How do you keep the bleach from hurting the plants, grass or leave obvious streaks on surfaces below?

    Is it best to clean the roof then in the AM or PM, after the sun goes down sometimes the roof remains hot for well into the night.

    Thank you so much

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