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How to install laminate on stairs

Just go slow. Make all your cuts nice a straight. Before you even begin with this project you should ask yourself. Do you have little kids running around wearing just socks? If so, you may not want to install laminate on your stairs. No doubt about it looks nice as can be. But is very slippery, to say the least.

OK, the for the big bucks. The stair nosing that I used in this video was not cheap at all. When you go to buy the laminate floor of your choice ask them if they have “matching” stair nosing. Very important, you’ll be surprised by how many manufacturers don’t.

Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

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Angela Catron

Hello! I have 3 landing stairs in the middle of my stair case and I am putting laminate with padding down. My question is do I need to remove the padding and glue it or float it?


Hi, I was wondering how you covered the nails you Put on the stair nosing? Also what would you recommend to be placed if the wood moved and gaped a little bit? Great videos


How isthe tread cut to exact width?


You said if you have kids, don’t get laminated floors because it’s slippery. What would you suggest?


Couple of questions. First, the sales associate at my local Lowes (who has installed laminate flooring for many years, according to him) said the flooring should always float over the subfloor since it expands and contracts depending on the moisture. However, with the stair flooring and nosing, you mentioned glueing and nailing them down. I’d assume that’s ok? Also, how would you manage the top stair? For example, do you just nail the nosing and let the flooring “float” under it without glue or nails?