How to Sand Wood Floors

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 Sand Wood Floors

Sanding Wood Floors
Sanding Wood Floors

Sanding or refinishing a wood floor does take some experience and practice, to say the least. However, they make a lot of different sanders for these types of projects.

The drum sander is by far the best sander to use but does require experience. You can make a nice drum mark in no time. And those marks will require extra wood to remove. If your floor is very old with pet stains and deep scratches a drum sander may be your only choice.

An Orbital sander is a very easy sander to use. Anyone can use these sanders with great results the very first time around.

Whatever sander you chose to use always make sure you end your sanding project with the finer sandpaper. If you’re going to stain the floor with a dark stain then finishing with either 100 or 120 grit paper would be a good choice. The darker the floor the finer paper you’ll want to use.

Always always sand wood floors in the direction of the grain. (Long ways) if using a drum sander.

TIP. Rethink what you’re getting into and if you’re really saving money or not. Most professionals can just resand the floor for you for about $1.50 – $2.00 per square foot leaving the finishing to you. This way you can tell everyone you did it anyway.

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  1. I’m having trouble pulling out nails without mauling the floor. I wondering if i’m even going to be able to repair them with a filler. I’m trying to prep the floor so I can take a drum sander to it!! Don’t worry, Dave’s got it!!

Written by Dominick Amorosso

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