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How to Replace a Deck Board

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Replacing a bad deck board is very easy. Even if it’s only part of it. Most deck boards can be very long and you don’t have to replace the whole board. In this video, I explain how to just replace something like 4 feet of one. You may have a 20-foot board but only the end is ugly. Obviously, you can’t cut 4 inches off, you’ll go to at least the next floor joist. But that would look silly. That’s why you would go at least a few over. The whole idea here is so when you’re done it looks like it was built that way and not with a whole bunch of patches.

Using a cat’s-paw and or knocking it loose from underneath makes the whole job that much easier.

This method would be the same no matter what your deck boards are made out of. Your boards may be screwed down. And if they are it may be near impossible to unscrew them. In this case, you could with a drill bit larger than the screw head drill the head off then remove the rest of the screw with a pair of Vise-Grips.

Ok, so now you went to the store, bought the boards you need and you can’t wait to get going. Well, hold on, the boards you bought were inside the store or covered up by many others. For sure you’ll want to let your new boards lay down flat on your deck for a day or so. At this time, the new boards will dry out, warp, crack, or whatever they what to do. Let this happen before you use them. Otherwise, it will look like poop, or could.

How to Replace Part of A Deck Board.
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