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Does Power Washing Damage the Wood of my Deck?

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This video is Olympic Paint and Stain Prep Talks. A weekly Q&A with you the audience to answer the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question about preparing a surface before painting or staining please leave a comment below. Who knows, I might answer yours in minutes.   

Power washing your deck is a great simple way to clean your deck. However, you will need to know a few basic things about using a power washer.

1. Wood is soft.

2. Use a low to moderate tip or adjust your pressure washer to a low setting if your tips are not removable.

3. Spray your deck down with a cleaner first before washing it.

4. Use Gunk engine degreaser if you have grease stains from cooking.

4. The most important thing is… If you’re planning on restaining or painting your deck make sure it’s 100% dry.

Can Power Washing Damage Your Wood Deck?
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Dos and Don’ts of Chemical Stripping
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. HI, what cleaner do you recommend to put down before power washing the deck. I have no oil stains, is dish washing liquid ok? Is using the same compound (shock) to clean roofs ok?

  2. Deanna R. Jones
    May 6, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    Thanks for the information! Now that I finally finished installing my deck, I can finally start enjoying spending time on it this summer. That means that I’ll have to clean it every once in awhile though. I’ve heard that power washing is a good way to clean my deck. I didn’t know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to power wash a deck though. It seems like a good idea to use cleaner before washing it. What kind of cleaner should I use though? If there are different cleaners for decks made from different types of wood, then I want to be sure to use the right type of cleaner for my cherry wood deck.

  3. Been looking for the best method for deck cleaning chicago. Can you recommend what’s the best cleaner and the affordable ones too?

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