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How To Frame A Deck Video

Table of Contents
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How to frame a deck video.

As you can see, this deck is only a few feet off the ground. In any case, it makes no difference on how you frame, although it is easier!
Only the length of the post varies. As you will see, I use nail guns. Using a nail gun makes it much easier and faster. When you’re
holding a large (and very heavy) 2×10 piece of wood with one hand, you can air-nail with the other hand. These air nailers can be rented at any
rental center (like United Rentals). But if you’re doing a small project, using regular galvanized nail with a hammer works just fine, not to mention that it’s cheaper. This deck shows what is called a drop beam. This is the main beam that holds the deck up. This is
where the post stands on the footing, runs up to and under the main beam. Then the floor joists lay on top of the main beam. This way, you’re relying on the strength of the wood to hold the deck up, and not on the nails and the bolts. There is certainly a lot
more that goes into building a deck than I describe here, so please just ask me if you need information on building a deck. All of the wood is the pressure treated pine. It looks okay at first, but you really should seal it. Wait a few weeks before sealing to allow it to dry out first. I also did not show the footings or the ledger plate going on, so if you have any questions, please… just ask!

Coming this spring 2021 I will be making a complete start to finish deck video.

Basic deck framing
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. Hi I am building a deck and am going to attempt it myself. I just have a few questions regarding footings. My deck is going to be 20 ft long by 16ft wide. Do you recommend piles or just cement framing blocks sitting on the ground?? How deep of piles if I do piles and how many piles or blocks total do you recommend?

    Thanks Josh

  2. Hi Josh, this would depend on where you are in this world. Check with your local building codes. However no matter where you are if your deck is say higher then three feet I would never use blocks just sitting on the ground.

    Picture this, your kids and wife are on the deck watching you cut the grass with that new riding lawn mower as you just touch one of those post holding up the deck. Well the rest you can figure out.

  3. Hello,

    Great, great web site! I'm trying to figure out how to put up a 10' X 10' deck. My problem is
    that I can only put the deck up at 16" max height. Can I use 2'X6' for both my beams and
    rafters? I'm also slightly in the dark as how to conect the beams to my support posts.

    any info would be great!

    thanks once again.


  4. Thank you. No to your question. What you would do is not use a beam under the deck system but rather connect your upright post right to the rim joist (front) This way you wont have that extra beam to deal with. Not my preferred method but still the same.
    By the way, they are joist not rafters, rafters are for a roof. Just so you know.

  5. i would like some info on placing the ledger plate in installing the ledger of the deck.


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