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Olympic Rescue It Resurfacer

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Let me first start off by saying I had the honor of making four how-to videos for Olympic. Using the Olympic Rescue It Resurfacer in a prep matters videos series. Not only do I think this is a great product I also used it on my deck and I just love how it saved me from replacing all my decking and rails.

Before you begin

But, yes there is a but. The big but is that prep really does matter for lasting results. Besides nailing down any nails and caulking cracks it’s very important that your deck is CLEANED and DRY. What is dry ?. Dry is when there is no moisture in the decking. If you’re not 100% sure don’t do it yet. Let it bake in the hot sun for a day. You should see the color change as it drys.

Of all the deck cleaners on the market, I prefer Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner. For around 15 bucks it’s a time saver and it really works to boot. Use a garden-style pump sprayer. Depending on the hot sun you may only be able to small areas at a time. Making sure the deck is dry, just not after a rain is all I’m saying. Spray the decking and watch it clean right before your eyes. You want to use a bristle brush or a stiff broom to help with any thick stains. While it’s still wet but clean use a hose to rinse the dirt off. You may also want to cover up any vegetation

All these videos were removed by Olympic

Any loose stain or paint will need to come up. Use a pressure washer with LOW pressure. Then use a piece of duct tape, press firmly down on a painted area, and then quickly remove the tape. If paint, stain, or loose wood fibers stick to the tape you’ll know that you’ll have to clean it again. Hey, did I tell you it’s well worth it?

After you cleaned it and it’s VERY dry you’ll need to sand it. Now I’m not saying you have to sand it like a mad man but to sand any stains, loose wood fibers, paint, or stain.

The deck must be dry. How dry is dry? Using a very inexpensive moisture tester is the best way to know.

Don’t be in a rush. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to never rush a job when you want it to last. Do it right the first time.  Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

Also, if you have any really bad-looking or even rotted boards this would be a great time to replace them.


After you fill all your large cracks with a paintable caulk you’re ready to start applying “Rescue it”.

With a paintbrush do all the sides and ends of the deck boards. Using a dabbing action fill all cracks with Rescue it. And a lot of it. Don’t worry this stuff dries fast. Once done let it dry for like six hours before you continue.

Now you’re ready to start using a roller. A 1/2″ nap roller on a pole really soak the roller well. This would be very different than painting a wall. Make sure you have the roller loaded nice and good.

Start applying in a corner furthest away from the stairs or doorway. For the first coat, you’ll be concentrating on coverage (Getting all boards covered) Do not use pressure. Use more of a pushing action with the roller rather than a rolling action. This will ensure good coverage with a nice thick coat.

Now let’s let it dry for at least six hours before continuing on with the second coat.

Ok, let’s start the second coat. Don’t forget to mix your Rescue it. Apply the second coat the same way you did before.

On my deck, I caulked everything, all cracks big and small, all nail and screw holes. By doing this, I ensured a very clean and smooth look.

End Results

After I applied two generous coats I still wanted a smoother look so I applied a third light coat. But then again my deck boards were in really bad shape. But I have to say, after a few hundred dollars and a day’s work you wouldn’t know my deck was tens of years old. In my eyes, it looks like a composite deck. Even fooled my neighbor. The only bad thing is now he wants me to do his deck.


Using Olympic Rescue it saved me big time.

This is what it cost me.

Five gallons of Rescue it                         = $159.00

Paintbrushes and rollers                        = $12.00

Plastic to cover the siding                       = $20.00

Sandpaper                                                  =$7.00

The cost to make my deck feel and look new $198.

Now as a contractor this is what it would have cost me.

New decking for a 8’x30′ or 240 square feet   $1,200

Decking nails or screws                                        $200. Yes they are that expensive

Dumping fees for just the decking boards are $300.

Labor to remove and replace just the decking boards  $1,200 easy.

If I replaced it with new wood  $2,900.00

Oh did I forget to tell you? If you replace the decking boards they will get old-looking in no time. Even if I did replace everything I would still use Rescue it to make sure my deck will last and be barefoot friendly.

You can buy Olympic Rescue it Resurfacer from  Or Visit for more information

Prep Matters Video 1 of 4: Ready Your Deck
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Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.
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Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.
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Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. We are using Restore It, but since they changed products, I’m not finding the info on it. We bought it at the end of laSt season on sale. We are just finally getting some consistently dry days on a weekend to paint. Anyway… wondering about the initial painting of between boards, against siding, etc. My worries are that when doing these it will make a raised area where that paint is when it’s rolled. Thoughts? Also, what about tucking plastic between the edges of the deck and the siding? There is NOT a very big gap.

  2. Or you can just use an oil based primer?

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