How to clean a Paint Roller

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Way back in 1998 I was remodeling two bathrooms in the middle of nowhere with a paint supply place even further away. So it was important that I clean the rollers very well. The only place to clean them was outside with a hose.

Once I started spraying the roller it started to spin and spin fast. That’s when I discovered by holding the water stream just on the outside edge of the roller made it spin while getting it clean at the same time. And to my surprise, it was virtually dry.

So let those days of cleaning paint rollers in the sink be a thing of the past.

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  1. Dom, Thanks for taking the time to produce these very helpful videos for all of us!!! This one (cleaning a paint roller in…) was
    especially interesting, and something which I had never seen before!!! Works great!! Thanks again for all your hard work, and the HIGH QUALITY VIDEO presentations. May God bless, Jimmy

Written by Dominick Amorosso

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