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Installing A Smart Switch

Installing A Smart Switch Installing a smart switch is so easy anyone can do it. The most important thing to know if you have a neutral wire in your light switch box. I mean you should, but that's not always the case. A ...

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Insanely Easy DIY Home Projects

5 Insanely Easy DIY Home Projects   So, your home is looking a little run-down. You would like to revamp it to breathe some new life into it, but you do not have a huge budget and think you do not have ...

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How to Install Vinyl Siding

Installing vinyl siding is really easy for the most part. Things to know You'll never want to smash the nails down to tight. This would only prevent the siding from moving. And moving is what you want. Pay attention when cutting the siding. ...

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Sun Joe Cordless Lawn Care System

I've have done many product reviews for Sun Joe and I have to say, I love their products. So instead of hanging on to this unit, I have decided to just give it away. But how to and to who was the ...

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How to Replace a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Now replacing a bathroom exhaust only seems hard but it's really easy. The one I replaced in this video was an older style round one. And only had screws on the outside holding it in place. If you're replacing a ...

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Repurposing Your Old Water Heater

There comes a time for every homeowner when they will have to replace their water heater. A big question that comes with this, is what to do with your old water heater? There are actually quite a few ...

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