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How to install a new 30 amp dryer circuit

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Installing a 30 amp dryer circuit is really super easy.

Now each hot leg is 120 volts with no neutral but you do have a ground, of course.

Follow each step, step by step and you’ll be fine. Run this circuit with a 10/3 wire, the orange wire. The breaker you’ll use is a two-pole breaker for your panel. It doesn’t have to be the same brand. But one that will fit your panel. Check the label on your panel. There it will tell you what breakers will fit. Most of the time it will give you a two-letter code.

Old School Back in the day and not all that long ago you would use a 12/2 wire. This is just a typical 220-volt line without a neutral. Nowadays these dryers and stoves as well had become quite high-tech.

With all this high-tech the computers /chips require 120 volts. Sure you could just use one hot a ground to get that, however, electrical code requires you to get that using a neutral and one hot.

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