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Category : Tools

Videos on how to use tools around the house.

About nail guns and nail compressors

Nail Guns and Compressors There really a lot of different nail guns on the market today. But let me clear this up. In my world, there are two different types of nail guns. There are the homeowner guns and the professionals ...

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How To Use A Jig saw.

Try cutting pieces of scrap wood until you get more comfortable with your jigsaw. One thing to know is that the skinnier the blade is, the easier to make those tight turns. When you go to the store and see ...

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How to use a chop saw.

 How to use a chop saw / miter saw video. Remember safety is the most important thing here! I like using the Dewalt brand Chop saw. But they are all okay for the most part. I like it because it’s lightweight but ...

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Router sign making

Sure you can buy one of those fancy router sign kits. But if you like to do it free hand all you need is a good router and sharp V-grooved bit. In my video, I used a fixed base router. ...

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Most homeowners think that buying from bigger “warehouses” they’re getting a better value and price. You know maybe for what you’re looking for it may be the only choice. However as a contractor, I really don’t shop at Home Depot ...

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