How to use a chop saw.

 How to use a chop saw / Miter saw video.

Remember safety

It’s the most important thing here! I like using the Dewalt brand Chop saw. But they are all okay for the most part. I like it because it’s lightweight but still very strong, not to mention long-lasting. My last Chop saw was also a Dewalt and it worked fine until someone Stole it from my truck while I was inside shopping at the Home Depot…(but that’s another video)

Always keep your work close and tight against the fence (back). Making sure the area right behind the fence is clear of other cut pieces. Sometimes when the blades come back down those pieces can get kicked and come right back at you. Trust me this does happen. Protective glasses would be a good idea.

In this video

I’ll show you how to use a Chop saw and you’ll see just how dangerous they can be. But has anyone noticed what tool I didn’t show you that is, even more, important than anything?

Here is a great chop saw that I use just about everyday

How to use a Miter Saw
Watch this video on YouTube.
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  1. Very good. For those who never got hurt may not understand the importance of safety around power tools. But those of us who have gotten hurt, something in your eye or what ever it may really understands just how important safety really is. It only takes a nano second to get hurt and two nano seconds to put some glasses on.

  2. Safety glasses is the tool never mentioned. But those should be a given and one if you ever just walk in to a shop. I personally also wear hearing protection using a chop saw.

    But the tool i hang on the wall next to the chop saw is a speed square.

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