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How to Use and Setup a Rented Power Washer

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The power washer you would rent and the one you would buy from a home store are not the same. The rented units are built to last and last and have way more power. I know the ones at the home store may say right on the box that they are 3,000 psi. But, trust me, they are not. That only means at the very tip it COULD be as much as 3,000 psi.

The first thing you need to know before you even think of renting one is the volume of water you have at your faucet. A good way to determine if you have enough is to try to fill a gallon jug in about 30 to 45 seconds. Once you have enough volume, not pressure now, you will want to use a 3/4″ garden hose. If you have a really good volume you may be able to use a smaller hose like a 5/8″.

Always connect the water to the washer first before starting up the power washer. It would be best if you let the air escape from the whole system first. You never ever want to run a pump without water.


The tips as explained in the video

0° – red, concentrated pencil jet
15° – yellow, high performance
25° – green, multi-purpose
40° – white, sensitive surfaces
65° – black, low-pressure detergent application

The red tip can be very dangerous! Make sure you use extra caution when using this one. Never use this tip on your house, “anywhere”!

How to use and setup a rented power washer.
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