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About nail guns and nail compressors

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Last Updated on 1 month by Dominick Amorosso

Table of Contents

Nail Guns and Compressors

There really a lot of different nail guns on the market today. But let me clear this up. In my world, there are two different types of nail guns. There are the homeowner guns and the professionals’ nail guns. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. In this case, the brand really does matter. For instance, you can buy a framing nail gun for like $100. or buy a Senco for about $550. There is a huge difference between the two. However how often do you plan on using it? I use mine on almost a daily basis. I need it to work and work well when I need it. So, for now, I’ll get into the nail guns you’ll find at Home Depot.

The most used type of nail guns.

  1. Brad nailernail_gun_680167567Pin
  1. Finish nailer
  1. Framing nailer

These three nails guns are by far the most used and needed. Let’s get into what you’ll use them for.

Brad nailer: Drives a smaller nail that is much skinnier as well. Great for small projects, picture frames, smaller trim, craft type of work. I have to say the brad nailer has to be my favorite nailer to use. You can do just so many projects with it, without blowing and cracking your wood into a million pieces.

Finish nailer: Drives a finish nail, used mostly for trim. Most will drive a nail 2 1/2″ long. They’re bigger and heavier than the brad nailer and will also use more air in a single shot.

Framer nailer: Drives nails known as commons. Bigger wider nails. Most drive a nail 3 1/4″ long. Also, know as a 12d nail. This type of gun is what you would use to build a deck to frame a whole house. However, these guns need without question a much bigger compressor. They use a ton of air in a single shot. The cheapest you can buy a decent framer would be around $250 and the compressor for this gun should run you about $300. So for a total of $550 give or take you can start building that deck. But you could also rent one a lot cheaper.

All about nail guns and how to use them.
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

Roof nailer: Now come on. I don’t think I need to get this one. Yes only used for installing a nail in a roof shingle. And never ever used as some to do, for installing siding. Short with a wide head nail. The one bad thing about a roofer it’s really only good for, well nailing roof shingles.

Some of these little kits they sell at Home Depot are not too bad. The Porter-Cable finish or brad nailer with a little pancake compressor is not a bad deal at all and works very well. But don’t think since you have a so-called compressor you can connect a Framer to it. It just won’t happen. Oh, it could happen but it won’t work. Trust me.

I recently had to buy a new compressor.  I looked at all of them, based on CFM’s, PSI, and cost. I ended up with a new Porter Cable and I have to say it’s heavy as can be. However, it’s split into two pieces which makes carrying it around a nice treat. And works very well. But then again they all work well in the beginning.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Dominick,

    You suggested a Senco gun if you are using it on a regular basis. Is there any other accessories that you use with this? I am thinking about using a Dewalt air compressor and wasn’t sure if this was a good fit.

    Daryl James

    • This comment is edited.

      A Dewalt compressor is a good choice. As far as fit, it really doesn’t matter much. Compressed air is compressed air. How long it will last is another story all by itself. Emglo makes one one of the best compressors for nails guns. Now although Senco makes a great nail gun there a few others. I prefer Bostitch nail guns. I also have a few Porter Cable nail guns that have last a long time now. Just by name brand and you’ll be fine.

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