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How To Use A Jig saw.

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Try cutting pieces of scrap wood until you get more comfortable with your jigsaw. One thing to know is that the skinnier the blade is, the easier it to make those tight turns. When you go to the store and see all the different blades, you’ll know what I mean by this. Easy, what are you cutting?! When cutting wood, use a wood blade, right? Right. LOL. Okay, now, how many teeth are on the blade?

The more teeth there are the finer the cut. The fewer teeth, the rougher the cut and also the faster the saw will cut. However, these types of blades will also leave the wood all splintery-looking and then you’ll need to sand the wood. Let’s say you were cutting thin plywood. You would use a finer (more teeth) blade. Also, remember the base, this is the flat part the lays flat on your work surface. This should never come up from the surface, always try to keep it flat against your work surface.  

How to use a jig saw
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