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Category : Decks

All about decks with how to videos.

How to Replace a Deck Board

Replacing a bad deck board is very easy. Even if it's only part of it. Most deck boards can be very long and you don't have to replace the whole board. In this video, I explain how to just replace ...

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Olympic Rescue It Resurfacer

Let me first start off with saying I had the honor of making four how to videos for Olympic. Using the Olympic Rescue It Resurfacer in a prep matters videos series. Not ...

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Deck flashing

Way important. Do it right the first time and you save some big bucks in only a few years or less. In the picture you see here is just a tin flashing. With the new codes we have to use ...

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How To Build A Free Standing Pergola

OK, the biggest question I'm asked is "How the heck do you make the scroll on the ends?". This design feature can really make or break the pergola appearance. In this video, I had a mental picture of what I ...

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How To Frame A Set Of Stairs

[caption id="attachment_508" align="alignleft" width="200"] How to fame stair[/caption] OK, it looks way more involved than it really is. Let's say you're building a set of stairs for an outside deck, the ...

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How To Frame A Deck Video

How to frame a deck video. As you can see, this deck is only a few feet off the ground. In any case, it makes no difference on how you frame, although it is easier! Only the length of the ...

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