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To install a sink in a basement is a very easy thing to do with the help of a pump. Here you’ll see the black box. This box has a pump in it, with a float switch. When the water level rises to a defined level, the pump will kick on and pump the waste out of the Pump Up to your house waste line.

Here you’ll see I wanted to keep the storage under the sink. So I located the pump under the stairs that was right next to the sink.

100_0300.JPGHere, you can see that I just drilled a clean hole straight through the kitchen cabinet, through the wall, and right into the pump.No wasted space at all.

As you can see below you’ll need to provide a normal 15 amp outlet. I wasn’t able to provide a picture of how I tapped into the house waste line, however, it was just a matter of installing a “T” in an existing line. You have to make sure your new line enters from the top. Otherwise, the house waste will enter the pump box. Sometimes a vent line is needed. That would be installed the same way as the pump out to the main waste line. However, since we’re using a pump and it’s close to the mainline it’s okay. You could just install a ventless cap over the vent instead of running another line.

So as you can see it’s very simple. The pump box you can buy from Home Depot or a plumbing supply house. From Home Depot, the pump box costs about $150.


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6 thoughts on “Sink Pump Up”

  1. I have a Sump Pump that is attached to a washing.machine and a basement double sink. The Sump Pump has stopped working . I see that you mention a float line switch. We have cleaned the filter basket, though I suspect it hasn’t been cleaned regularly. There are screws that attach the top of the unit to the bottom. Should I unscrew and disassemble to see if some is clogged or prohiting the unit from switching on?

  2. Morris Nagelkirk

    I just bought a Zoeller bucket pump, there instructions say not to use a ventless cap. What would be the reason.

    1. Dominick Amorosso

      I would imagine because they are saying it wouldn’t have enough back pressure to break the seal of the ventless. However you should be able to adjust the spring on the ventless.

  3. Thank you. Well in this video I didn't show is that the discharged pipe runs along to the side of the house where the ground slopes down and away from the foundation. Of course this is very important otherwise the water will just come back in.

  4. Hi,
    I watched you sump pump YouTube video. Thank you, it explained a lot. I'm trying to find a way to move the water that the sump pump discharges out to the outside of the house, AWAY from the house foundation. Any suggestions? Also, think about a backup system for my sump pump; in the event of a power outage. Thank you so much. I live in Farmington Hills, MI.
    Trying to learn more and more about taking care of my home.
    Thank you!

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