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What Color Pex Pipe Do I Use

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Why are there so many different colors of Pex and Copper there is just one.

Well, this is very simple yet very important. Let’s start with the simple ones.

Blue as you might have already thought is for Coldwater.

Red is for hot water.

White can be used for a supply, Like an outside faucet, Whatever really.

Does it matter which one you use, heck no! But it sure does make it very easy to know which is which. However, it makes a huge difference when it comes to heat. Heat means Orange.

The Orange Pex has an Oxygen Barrier. This is said to prevent Oxygen from entering the heating system. No, it has nothing to do with the temperature. You may ask does the Orange really matter? Well as a contractor I use what they say to use. However, in one of my rehab houses, I had to remove some damaged baseboard heaters and I used a 3/4″ blue to bypass the busted heaters so I can have some kind of heat working. And after two years I did not get any air in the system, at least to the point that I noticed it. And it’s there working. I’m not saying use it by no means.

There are mainly three different types of Pex. A, B, and C. Most of anything you will find in the home stores and that you’ll need in your house with be type B. Some are less flexible than the others.

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What Color Pex Pipe Do I Use 2

I have to admit

I’m old school. When I started out it was all copper, so using something like plastic was so insane to even comprehend. During the Covid lockdown, I was redoing an older house with all copper. What a pain and very expensive.

Onto the next house, a very old house. So having nothing to lose I decided to give Pex a try and just how much money I would time and money I would save. I was truly amazed at the time as long money I saved. It was so much faster and easier than it blows my mind.

I will never do a house with all copper again. I mean sure it has its place here and there. Sure the main water line coming in is copper and all the connections to it are copper but that’s right where it stops and Pex takes over.

I’m just truly amazed that the connections are made with a very to use crimping tool. Bam 123 done and no leaks, no burned wood, or even me.

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