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How to Replace a Shower Head

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Replacing a shower is simple enough, but not always. Yours could’ve been on for a very long time and be really stuck on. Use a few wrenches and or pliers and it will come off sooner or later.

Installing the new Teflon tape.

Once you do get it off make sure you remove all of the old Teflon tape. Install at least four to five wraps around the threaded pipe clockwise while looking straight at it.

Tighten by hand

You never want to really tighten the new one that tight. A little more than snug is fine.

Plastic shower heads

Ok, so we all bought the plastic ones before. But really, they are what they are, plastic. Plastic only lasts so long. I prefer the real deal and the brand I installed “HammerHead Showers” are all metal. I’ll take that over any plastic one. Usually, ALL METAL ones cost a lot more. But not in this case. Heavy and solid. I know, the box stores have some pretty cool-looking ones and they are cheaper. But nope, they only seem that way.

How to Replace Shower Head
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Here is a link to where you can buy the one I used in this video.

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