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Is your Oil Tank Safe?

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Do you have an old unused oil tank in your basement, or even worst, one buried in the ground?

I know a lot of homeowners that have an unused oil tank in their basement and I was one of them till today.

The tank was empty for years, when I say years, I’m saying for at least 30 years. I just bought this house and a year ago. It’s the 1840 house I’ve been working on in some of my videos. Yes removing the tank was on the list to do. However and out of pure luck today I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden I heard a loud bang from the basement, I ran downstairs and I heard what I thought was water. Nope didn’t see anything, ran back up, nope nothing. Back down I went and wow. The tank I thought was empty just blew up. Well didn’t really blow up. But somehow there was pressure in the tank and this pressure found a rusted soft spot and blew that out. Oil was coming out all over the floor. What to do right. Well in a frantic way I started looking for a shallow enough pan or something that I could start catching all this oil.

Nothing at all makes any sense what and why the tank all of a sudden had that much pressure in it. It wasn’t connected to anything.

Having no idea at all just how much was in the tank, after all, I thought this tank was empty right. Well again, I was lucky enough that my awesome neighbor had a pan that he uses to change the oil in his car. So all and all there about ten gallons before it stopped coming out and lucky enough I was there. Just imagine if I wasn’t.

The moral of this story is simple. If you have an unused, not even connected oil tank in your house, get rid of it, and fast.

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This is what the tank looked like after I cut it up and removed it.

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