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Installing an Offset Toilet Flange

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Need to move that toilet over a little bit?

Ok so with an offset toilet flange, you can move it over in any direction you need. You can and may need to notch a floor joist. Typically you would just make a round hole for a regular toilet flange.

But with an offset, you’ll need to still make the round hole, but also a notch to where the offset will lay into. In the pictures below was an actual install that I did. Although I didn’t make the notch, I did make it out, so I hope this helps you get the idea.

Also in the pictures you’ll see that someone tried to install an offset, but for whatever reason they installed it on the side leaving a very big cap between the wall and the toilet tank. Since I was there to rebuild the rotted floor and replace the flange I thought I would do it the correct way.

Why Not Use an Offset Toilet Flange

If you already have drainage issues and have lots of bends in the line before it makes it to the main waste line. Adding an offset will only make things worst as it does not provide a clean shot out of the toilet. Just a little food for thought.

The distance from the finished wall behind the toilet is 12 inches. When I started this one is was at 15 inches. Leaving a very large cap from the wall to the back of the tanks.

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