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220 Volt Plug Receptacles Configurations

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 These outlets are the ones you’re most likely to have in your house.

Ok, so let’s talk about the types of outlets you’ll find in your house. For the most part, you are going to see 120 volts, 15 amp, and 20 amp. And 220 2-wire, 3-wire, and four-wire types.

Please remember not all 220-volt outlets use a neutral (white) wire. To give you a general idea, let’s say you just bought an air compressor from Home Depot. It requires 220 volts but the plug only has three prongs. You’ll have the two that look alike and will be the two separate hots and the other round looking on would be the ground. And of course, more than likely it would be 20 amp.

220 volts 20 amps

220 volt 20 ampPin
20 Amp 220 Volt outlet

This is a 220v 20 amp outlet as shown in the how-to 220-volt outlet video likely to be used for larger power tools in your garage or shop or perhaps a wall air conditioner.

220 volts 30 amps

30 amp 220v 2 pole outletPin

Wire Connections for X Y W 240 Volt Receptacle Dryer Outlets The Black Wire attaches to Outlet Terminal X The Red Wire attaches to Outlet Terminal Y The White Neutral or Green wire or Ground wire attaches to Outlet Terminal W

Commonly known as a dryer outlet. Of course, used for a clothes dryer. This would be used in a wall box with a cover plate (flush mount)

220 volt 50 amp outlets

50amp 4 wire 906129669Pin

In a house, these would be considered the big boys. You’ll find one of these in newer homes for a stove-oven combo. This is a 4-wire outlet. See my video on how to install one of these. This is a 50 amp 220 4 wire. Better known as a stove or oven outlet Keep in mind, although you might have an oven, dryer, stove, or whatever. It may not have an outlet at all. It could be hard-wired into the appliance. And that’s fine, lots of bigger commercial appliances are known to be wired that way. Tip… Red is hot (110 volts), and black is also hot (110 volts) = 220 volts. White is neutral and is the returned path back to the transformer on the road. The ground is just that. Ground to each and is always used on anything electric. Unless of course, your house is very old in which case should be updated just for pure safety.

 Surface Mount 220v outlet

Surface Mount 220 outletPin

This is a surface mount 220v outlet. You would find these in older homes where the installation came after the house was built.

3 wire stove receptacle



outlet chartPin
outlet chart

Click on the below images to make them bigger

Wire Size Calculator

wire calculatorPin
220 Volt Plug Receptacles Configurations 11

Use this calculator to help you determine what size wire to use.

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  1. You show at the top of the page exactly what I’m trying to do. Replace a 30 amp. 220v dryer outlet (it has 3 wires in the box and a ground) with a 20 amp, 220 v outlet for a table saw. Which wires do I use? the 20 amp outlet doesn’t allow for both hot leads to be connected. Red hot, black hot, and white neutral.

  2. I have a pump and float switch with a 2-wire + ground 230v plug (NEMA 6-16). Can I make an adapter so I can run this from a 120v generator using two plugs?
    If not, can I make an adapter to run the pump from a generator with a 3 wire + ground 230 plug?
    Thank you

  3. Looking for male plugs for 220 volt receptacle with external lip on the neutral/ground terminal. These are hubbell or leviton receptacles. The only kind there are, are the internal lip on the plugs. Was wondering if L7 20P, L8 20P or L9 20P plugs( which are 480 volt plugs) will work on my 220 volt, 20 amp receptacles.

  4. I replaced a 3 wire wielder outlet in our shop. Two legs are 110 and one is neutral. When tested. Each leg is 110 to the neutral and to the grounded metal box. Plugged into the two hot terminals reads 220. Plug in the wielding machine and I get nothing. The machine runs fine on the other 220 outlet connected to the same 50 smp breaker 30 +/- feet away.
    This should be a piece of cake. It has the old 3 wire system… not rocket science. I didn’t run a new line, just used the one there. Everything seems to check, but still the wielder does not work… not even dull light or flickering.
    What have I missed or done wrong?

  5. ideas for an outdoor 220 v plug for food truck plug-in on the side of building ?

  6. Question, I have a 25,000 btu 230v, ran new 12g wire, new double pole 20 breaker, and 20 amp receptacle but the ax won’t power on what happened I even exchange ac thinking it was defective

  7. I have a unit wired with a nema 5-15p, but it’s rated for 220v, can I get a nema female 5-15p to maile 6-20p Adapter and plug it is with no issues, wire is 12AWG and it’s a 20a circuit. Thanks.

  8. Will a 50 Amp. 3 prong plug fit into a 50 Amp 4 wire female receptacle? (Same grd. configuration?)

  9. i have a vintage electromode 240 volt space heater model pa-48 4800 watts , my 220 plug in gargae is not compatable, is there a conversion type add on plug to fit onto the heaters plug so it will match my 2220 outlet?

  10. Hi, I am in AUS and have a 220v hydraulic power unit. It has three wires, Red/Black/Yellow on Green.
    How do I get this to work as we have 240v mains supply here?

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