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What is MC and BX Wire?

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Is MC cable the same as BX cable?

What is MC and BX Wire? 2

What BX Cable and Wire Is. Going under alternative names such as metallic sheathed cable, type AC, MC, Greenfield, or armored cable, BX cable is a collection of plastic-coated insulated wires (typically 14- or 12-gauge), bundled together and protected by a ribbon-like metal sheathing.

BX vs MC Cable: Which is Better?

The first thing you need to know about these terms is that BX cable and MC cable both refer to armored cable. BX cable is actually a branded name for AC or armored cable. In the same way, we refer to any medical adhesive strip as Band-Aids, BX cable is simply the name a company chose for their armored cable and it just stuck. MC cable is easier to remember because it’s an abbreviation for “metal-clad” or “metallic-sheathed cable.”

So is there any significant difference between BX vs MC cable? They’re very similar in most regards, but there is one big difference between the two cables. In the electrical world, AC or BX cables do not come with a ground wire while MC cables do. So, if you’re looking to buy armored fiber then MC Armored Cable is not what you’re looking for. But since we’re here to sell fiber, not electrical cable, there is no significant difference. Both are essentially just names for armored cable. When fiber is armored, it has a conductive jacket because the material is made from metal, usually aluminum or steel. Because of this, the cable jacket will read OFCP or OFCR depending on your jacket’s fire rating.

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