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How to Tell if it’s a Load Bearing Wall or Not

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Is It load Bearing?

Never an easy question to answer. But if you follow my video you’ll get a better idea if it is.

Let’s say your house has just two gutters, one in the front and one in the back, parallel to each other. Those walls would be the load-bearing outside walls and most wall inside the house that is parallel to the gutters would be as well. More to the truth would be the walls midway that is parallel to the gutters. And mostly when you have a second floor on top of them.

Roof Trusses

load-bearing wall
This is how you can tell.

Watch a video on how a wall is built Video

Ok, so let’s say you have a two-story house built with roof trusses. Then only the outside walls that are parallel with the gutters would be load-bearing. See, with roof trusses all of the roof load is on the outside walls.

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