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How To Install a Bigger Window (1940 Project House)

How To Frame A Window

Making window opening larger is not all that hard. However, it will require you to remove the sheetrock and the siding. Yeah, I know it kinda stinks.

You can use either 2 2x10’s or 2 2x12’s. This is going to really depend on your prints and specs needed. All new house’s I build are built with double 2x10’s with jack studs one on each end of the header and a king stud along the side of the header. All nailed with common 12 nails. 3″ screws if you like.

Never just measure the window and make your opening that size. Always go at least 1″ larger both sides. By making the opening bigger will allow you to adjust for level.

Egress Requirements 

How to determine if your window meets egress

With the window open you’ll need a minimum 24″ x 34″ of 5.7 sq feet

To Determine your window you would simply measure your opening and divide it by 144. For example, if your window measures 33″x 23″ = 759 ÷ by 144 and will give you 5.27083333 So 5.27 and it’s too small.

How To Install a Bigger Window (1940 Project House)
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