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Installing Sink Baskets

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Installing a sink basin/basket isn’t hard at all, installing it the right way is. When I’m installing a basket I’m not just installing it by itself. Chances are I installed the whole kitchen. So making sure I install something so important that can leak all over unnoticed until it’s too late. You bet I’m going to do it right.

Besides, even a small leak will cause embarrassment to myself not to mention having to go back to fix it.

These can range in price from a few bucks to the most I even installed was a Koehler for about 60. Yea that’s a bit much. Then one showed below cost 30. and that’s a good one. Just don’t ever buy a plastic one. These are cheap and will crack, warped and just leak all over the place.

Make sure that the hole is straight and flat. more so if your sink is new. This area is known to damage during shipping. If it’s not right either buy a new sink or return it.

Making sure it’s clean and dry.


Now you’ll need some plumbers putty. Roll some out into something like a 1/2 roll. Place the putty around the basin as shown with just a little pressure making sure it holds on.

Now it’s time to insert it into the sinkhole. Just make sure when you push it in you do so nice and even. Otherwise, too much putty can be pushed out on the sides.


Now it’s time to install the rubber seal, paper friction disc, and nut as shown. While holding the basin with one hand reach in with the other, assuming you have two hands and install the seals and nuts. Now you won’t be able to just tighten the nut up once. I like to tighten it by hand as tight as I can get it letting the putty get squeezed out from the top and then an about 5 minutes later tighten it again. This is where many fail by just tighten it once thinking that they are done. The thing here is the putty is very thick and needs some time to, even more, squeeze out. Once it’s nice and tight you will only be left with a small amount behind, but. It’s all even and sealed.


That’s it. Now you’re a pro. Always check for leaks. Make sure you run the water at different areas in the sink so the water will be able to hit all areas of the basin. Also, check for tightness tomorrow.

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