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Heat Loss

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A thermal camera can detect your heat loss in two seconds. The red areas are where the most heat is escaping. and yellowish to orange are less, but still a big loss of heat.

Yea you can’t just go buy one of these cameras, they are like 6k. Most fire departments now use them to help locate fires and to make sure the fire is out. picture courtesy of EERE

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  1. Nice video on air removal
    My question concerns return water temp(rwt).
    I see some systems have a thermal switch on return line, switch opens when hot, shutting boiler fuel supply I think. My sister has HW baseboard w 3 zones. No thermal switch for RWT. She uses a lot of oil . Would adding a thermal switch help reduce run Tim and fire time?
    Thanks Bob

    • admin

      Always adding a zone valve to a separate area of the home is always a money saver. The more the better, well more less.

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