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Getting Ready To Turn On Your Heat “Furnace”

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Most of us just turn the heat on when it gets cold.

You should always void doing this before at least checking things over. You don’t need to be a professional to do this. Of course, if you see something that you don’t really understand call a pro.

However, most of us could at least change the filters, clean, and look around for anything out of the ordinary such as leaks or something that became disconnected. For a furnace changing the air filters takes about two minutes and is very simple. In my video, I show the filters in the return in the ceilings. However, yours could be in the return at the furnace.

Removing one or two covers is always a good idea to look for mouse poop, yes anyone could have field mice.

Once the furnace starts up look for a nice solid bluish flame. If you don’t I would have a pro take a look at it.

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Getting Ready To Turn On Your Heat "Furnace"
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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Hello! I watched your video for the boiler. I have a peerless and thinking about replacing it with a smaller boiler set like yours in that video. It’s for a four units building. What might you recommend and what’s your brand in that video?
    Thank you so much for all your sharing, Mr. Dominic

    • The size of your units will tell you how sections/size of a boiler you’ll need. I would think 4-5 section boiler. This video is a furnace, not a boiler. Furnace is forced hot air. A boiler is baseboard heat/hot water. I have no idea what brand this was in the video.

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