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Getting Ready To Turn On Your Heat “Furnace”

Most of of just turn the heat on when it gets cold.

You should always void doing this before at least checking things over. You don’t need to be a professional to do this. Of course if you see something that you don’t really understand call a pro.

However most of us could at least change the filters, clean and look around for anything out of the ordinary such as leaks or something that became disconnected. For a furnace changing the air filters takes a about two minutes and is very simple. In my video I show the filters in the return in the ceilings. However yours could be in the return at the furnace.

Removing one or two covers is always a good idea to look for mouse poop, yes anyone could have field mice.

Once the furnace starts up look for a nice solid bluish flame. If you don’t I would have a pro take a look at it.



Getting Ready To Turn On Your Heat "Furnace"
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