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How to Replace the Nozzle, Pump Screen, and Filter on your Oil Fired Heater

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Replacing the nozzle Beckett oil burner can be a little tricky.

But watch and learn just easy it is.

Almost everyone I come across never knew that they have a screen/filter in the pump. As you can see in the video just how bad the one we replaced was. In fact, it was so bad that the heater would not even turn on. But you’re not just gonna get away with changing the screen. You will have to replace the gasket as well. But no biggie when you buy the screen the gasket comes with it. When I bought it it came with three screens and three gaskets.

The oil filter itself is an easy but messy undertaking. And you really should, at least, change the black rubber seal that goes around the top of the canister. Make sure you clean the inside of the canister good.

Now since or burner would not fire at all I decided to replace the nozzle as well. Yeah, I know until this point you were OK with just doing what you know. But if you just change the filters and have no leaks you’ll think you’re OK. But the fact is that even if your burner works the nozzle can be causing damage to the inside of your heater. Who ? simple. Your nozzle is very important and how it makes the flame spread out and even turn back into itself. All you need is a little something caught in the nozzle and the spray pattern won’t be so nice. In fact, I saw this many times it can actually burn a hole like a cutting torch.

Dirty and no good filter

Make sure you just don’t install any nozzle. Just bring in the old nozzle to a plumbing supply, don’t even think about going to Lowes or Home Depot. They just don’t have these things. Even take in the model number and brand of your heater and have them look on a chart for the one that you need. There is always a good chance the one you know is not the right one. This is how this happens. You call for service and the repair guys and replaces the nozzle. But he didn’t have the same one. So instead, of him going back out with the right one he just uses what he has. Oh, it did the trick for now. However, these nozzles have three very important settings. The degree of spray, type of spray, and the amount of fuel per hour. Meaning ever since you had it replaced you’re using less or more fuel oil than before. Little is always better, so we would think. But the heater needs X amount to work well.

I bought the oil filter from Home Depot for about $5.00

I bought three screens, three gaskets and a nozzle for $11.00

So for $16. bucks and maybe 30 minutes at best I got this whole system up and running and running well.

How to change the nozzle and filters on your oil fired heater
Watch this video on YouTube.
Doing my best to bring you the best videos I know how.

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Good Morning, Question I have is; I have changed oil filter and nozzle, bleed line and furnace ran for 3 days fine, then tripped reset, I changed pump screen, adjusted electrodes, the eye was yellowed so I replaced that, bleed line again but seemed fine turned on system and doesn’t fire up any suggestions? I am not that versed in oil furnaces, trying to save my daughter some $$$ by trying to repair myself, she has 1/4 tank of fuel and when bleeding get a good flow so Its not that.

    • Make sure the eye is set right and not blocked by anything. Make sure the transformer is making contact and that it’s strong enough. It could be weak.

      • Just wondering if you have a technique for cleaning out the gun tube between the Pump and the Nozzle. I’ve had coagulated sludge load that tube up so that only a trickle of fuel made it through the Nozzle. Extra long Q-Tips and Pipe Cleaners can clean it ½ way from each end; but there must be something better which can be snaked all the way through the tube. Just replacing the Screen leaves that crud inthe unit.

  2. Hi Dominick

    Your video was of great help. Thanks for the down to earth common sense advice for us DIY’s.
    I saved the video in my favorites for future reference.

    Did not know about bleeding the lines of air, but your advice was great. Easy to bleed and no problems afterward.
    Thanks again
    Joe R
    LI, NY

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