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How Much Oil is Your Tank?

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Home Heating Oil Tank Charts

Use these charts to measure just how much oil you have in your tank.

I mean most tanks have some type of gauge on them, however, they are never accurate and get stuck most of the time.

Using a wood stick, no not from a tree. You would just open the top cap and stick the tank. Make sure the stick is level straight up and down and measure the wet spot on the stick. Using the charts below you should be able to determine how much you have in your tank.

Do keep in mind, although you will now know how much oil is in the tank doesn’t mean that’s how much you have until you run out.

If your supply line comes in from the top, it doesn’t mean it goes all the way to the bottom of the tank. Most installers will set this about 2 inches from the bottom to prevent it from picking up any dirt. The same is true if it is mounted on the bottom.

So most of the time you won’t be able to use the last two or so inches of oil in the tank.

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How do I determine my oil tank size? Simply just measure it.

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