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How to Wall Mount Your TV

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A wall-mounted TV adds a certain amount of sophistication to any room.  The only issue is finding a way to hide those unsightly power cords. However, it’s a cinch once you are know-how.  Use this simple guide to get your TV off the clunky entertainment center, and upon the wall.

1. Preparation: 

First things first, you are going to need a wall mounting kit.  After you get your hardware, you can begin.  Unplug your TV and remove its stand.  Set your TV on the ground, and keep it in its original, vertical position to install the wall mount.  You do not want to lay the TV’s face on the ground, as this could cause damage.

There should be four mounting holes on the back of your TV.  They may be covered by protective caps or screws.  Remove the caps or screws by hand.  Do NOT use a power drill on any part of your TV.

Install the mounting arms to the back of the TV using the screws provided.  Again, do NOT use a power drill, and don’t overtighten.  Once the arms are installed, set the TV aside.

 2. Finding the Perfect Place: 

 Map out exactly where you want the TV.  It should be placed so it is at a comfortable eye level while seated.  It is best to mount on an interior wall to avoid insulation and wiring.  Also, mounting on brick or concrete is a job best left to a professional.

Use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall you have decided to mount on.  Mark their location for reference.

Measure the distance of the holes on the mounting arms and transcribe them to the wall.  Use a level to ensure that they are correctly placed.

tv wiring done wrongPin

Using a power drill, drill pilot holes where the wall mount will be placed. Install the mount.

 3. Hiding the Wiring: 

Cut out the hole in the center of the wall mount.  Cut another hole in the sheetrock about a foot below.

Using fish tape, feed the cables from the bottom hole up through the top hole.

Plug the cables into their respective hubs on your TV.

With the help of a friend (or two), attach your TV to the wall mount in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Just make sure all the connections are secure before you let go!

 4. Now You Can Watch Your Favorite Shows in Style! 

 With your TV wall mounted you can sit back and relax without the constant bother of those tangled cables. Now your room looks elevated and fresh. Well, folks, you don’t need me to tell you what to do next… Enjoy!

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