How to clean your clothes dryer. How to make it hot again.

When your clothes are not drying good enough chances are that you just need to clean the lint and whatever out of your dryer. In this video, this was my own dryer that just wasn’t working good any longer.

With a gas or electric dryer make sure you unplug the electricity. Now just remove the back cover and with a vacuum clean whatever dirt, lint, or even a bird’s nest. Now remove the 4-inch air duct “discharge” hose and look inside. You’ll be surprised what you’re going to see. Reach in and clean. Making sure you remove anything and everything and you should be fine. Now, of course, you can have other issues but this is a good start to finish on cleaning it up. For more information visit this link from Whirlpool 

How to clean your clothes dryer. How to make it hot again.
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8 thoughts on “How to clean your clothes dryer. How to make it hot again.”

  1. Hey, Dominick. Thanks so much for this video. Awesome!! I had the exact same problem, and have done all the cleaning and such. I took the back off the dryer, and took off the “lint housing” for no better word. When I was cleaning, the black circle that looks like weather stripping (sealer?) that goes around the section with all the holes, was in bad condition and matted with a lot of dog hair and such, and when I vacuumed it, it fell apart. What is that called, and is that something I can buy in a hardware store or do I have to order it from Kenmore or some other parts place??

    1. Dominick Amorosso

      You should be able to buy that in a Home Store in the weather striping secition. However I think you’ll be better off buying the right one for your dryer from the manufacture online somewhere.

  2. My son left chap stick in his pants and it melted all over the inside of the dryer.How do I clean the inside of the dryer?
    Harlan Perdew

    1. It can be so many things. Older dryers would have a pilot light. But the newer ones have a electronic ignition. By either a spark like your grill or most likely a heat plug. This type you see a orange glow. And then after that lights there is a flame sensor that needs heat in a short time after the flame comes on. If not it will shut the gas supply off. So look and see if you have that glow or not.

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  4. The dryer-cleaning video was a great help, you saved me an expensive service call. I'll need the dryer for the clothes I ratted up crawling around back there, too!

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