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How to Clean a Big Screen TV

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Video on how to clean a big-screen TV

Now the TV shown here is mine. And one day I was saying to myself, hey didn’t this TV look better before. So after looking inside, I noticed a ton of dust and bugs. But it wasn’t until I noticed all that dust laying on top of the projection guns. That was the big deal. So after some easy cleaning of the guns and, of course, the inside of the screen I now had my HD 65″ back like it was when I bought it.

Use can use a glass cleaner on the guns, but apply the glass clean on a soft rag then clean the guns. However, you will want to use a “big screen” cleaner on the screen itself.

I made this video back in 2010, does anyone even own one of these today. I know I don’t. I mean this TV was great for me but the time came where I needed to keep with the times.

How to clean the inside of a big screen TV
Watch this video on YouTube.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. This is a very helpful and informative material.

  2. I have a Mitsubishi DLP TV… it is newer version (2010 / 2011) with just the single cannon lens. Behind the 65″ front screen is a equally large mirror that projects the image and it has some sort of sticky coating, I assume it is to help with dust. As your video points out, critters can get inside via the vents on the back and in attempt to remove a boxelder bug that was annoying the hell out me one day I entered through a side portal hole and removed it with a soft Swiffer pad however it smudged the sticky coating. It is noticeable in certain situations such as watching golf where you have a lot of contrasting colors like green on the putting surface when there are shadows. Do you have any idea how I can clean the entire mirror and do you know if I need to replace that coating with something? I am willing to record the cleaning process and you can voice over it for one of your DIY videos. Thanks for any help!

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