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Gluing ABS and PVC Pipes

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It’s really very easy. Make sure your pipe ends are cut straight and clean. If you need to clean the ends up before gluing just use a little primer. The primer really works well as a cleaner.

Step 1) Prime the ends of the fittings and pipe ends. Don’t just prime a little, make sure you go up at least 1″ above the fitting stop. Make sure you get all of it. Not just some of it. That’s where the leaks will be.

Step 2) Gluing, Put glue all around the pipe, not the fittings. When you join the pipe to the fittings you want the glue to come up around the pipe and not into the fittings.

Step 3) leave it alone. Let it set up for at least 15 minutes before you start playing with them again. And at least, three hours before you let water in them.

If you are like most you’ll want to see if you did a good job and start muscling them around, and then bam you broke the bond. Oops, time to do it over again. So glue it and leave it.

How To Glue PVC and ABS Pipe
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  1. Dom, Just a short note of Thanks for all your work in preparing these very informative videos and newsletters. Keep up the fine work. To you and your family, Merry Christmas, and a very safe and Happy New Year. Bill Hope; York, PA

  2. Hi, What is the glue (Brand name,etc.) you used to glue the PVC and ABS pipes togther please.

    Look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    Kind regards

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