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How to Revamp a Bathroom on a Budget

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Remodeling a room of your house is a very exciting, yet nerve-wracking time in being a homeowner. A quick, simple project which you wouldn’t calculate costing much could end up taking months and costing you thousands. I remember when I thought I could remodel my bedroom in a few days. All I had to do was put up drywall, mud, sand, and paint then put down carpet padding and carpet. Sounds like a pretty good project for the weekend, right? Well 3 months and about $2000 later, the bedroom was complete. I never thought I would have to pay to have the electrical wires redone and I never thought I’d have to make a hundred trips to the hardware store. If you’re a homeowner, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Today, let’s talk about some cheap yet effective methods when it comes to revamping your bathroom on a budget.

The bathroom, usually one of the smallest yet most complex and vital rooms in a household. Remodeling a bathroom can be a very, very costly and time-consuming room to remodel. Think of the costs of a vanity, sink, toilet, tub, shower, shower walls, etc. It’s enough to make you sick. Luckily, there are some very practical, cost-effective ways to remodel a bathroom.


Quick and easy! Adding a fresh, new coat of paint is a very cheap and easy update to do to your bathroom. Most light fixtures and appliances are neutral colors so by adding a splash of color to your bathroom, you’re essentially adding a breath of life into your tired, old bathroom. The sky is the limit with this method because you’re only limited by your imagination here, you can paint the walls, cabinets, and shelves whichever pattern and color you want, adding your own personal touch at a fraction of the cost.

Swap Out Old Hardware

A very easy, cost-effective method to spruce up your bathroom for as little as $50 just by updating all the hardware in your bathroom. This simple update is often overlooked because we are used to them being there. If your cabinet handles look like they belong in the 1970s, it’s time to swap them out for something chic and modern. You will notice a subtle difference in the room just from this very quick and easy fix.

Lighting Options

Your bathroom’s lighting fixtures can truly make or break your bathroom. Having outdated or inadequate lighting can make your bathroom appear as if it is much smaller and confined than it really is. Add unique, functional lighting to your bathroom to open the area up and compliment your space. One of the best ways to achieve this effect is to add lighting fixtures you wouldn’t usually find in a bathroom. This makes it unique and tailored to your home. This is a cheap and easy way to making a bathroom appear larger and more inviting without having to remodel the entire living space.


Although this comes off as a very expensive, daunting task for revamping your bathroom on a budget, it can be a very quick and cheap update to make your bathroom appear updated with less impact on your wallet. If your bathroom flooring is outdated, old, or just doesn’t appear right, like carpet, for instance, consider swapping old flooring with a cheap alternative. Luxury Vinyl Tile is a very quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to get rid of any gross, old flooring that needs to be updated. There are so many different flooring options to choose from so don’t settle for just the methods in this article, do some research and find which option works best for your bathroom and your budget.

Add a Statement Wall

Add a unique color scheme or pattern to a single wall in your bathroom that will catch the attention of your guests. Adding something like a glass mural, tapestry, or color scheme is a very cost-effective way to mix your bathroom up a bit and make it unique to your home.

Towels, Curtains, and Accessories

By adding some new, classy towels is a quick and easy way to breathe some new life into your bathroom, so don’t overlook replacing your current stock with something higher quality and more warming to the room. Adding a colorful or welcoming shower curtain will open the flow of the bathroom and make your space seem more appealing. Accessories, like faucets, soap dishes, and toilet seats can be easily replaced and changed for more appealing and updated options to make your bathroom seem like a new room altogether with little to no work.

I hope you have gotten some great ideas and inspiration for revamping your bathroom on a budget today. There are so many amazing ways to update your household on a budget, especially your bathroom. You’re only limited by your imagination so get out there and make your house a home.

This post was offered by Sam Socorro. Sam is an expert writer in the health and fitness niche and has been writing and studying topics like this one for over 10 years.

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